UniCourt Product Release – New Court Data for Wisconsin State Courts

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UniCourt Product Release –  New Court Data for Wisconsin State Courts

Improving access to public records, and court records in particular, is central to UniCourt’s ongoing mission as a company and it has propelled us forward as a leader in providing bulk access to legal data for a wide range of industries. Through our easy to use, intuitive application, our industry standard Legal Data APIs, and the millions of information rich public case pages we’ve published online, we remain dedicated and well-positioned to provide our clients and the public with the data they need for a diverse and growing array of use cases.

Last month, UniCourt announced that we onboarded Virginia General District Courts and the Patent Trial and Appeal Board into our court database, and we’re now thrilled to share with you that we’ve onboarded Wisconsin state courts into our system. Our clients can now access court records from federal and state courts in Wisconsin, including Wisconsin Circuit Courts and federal cases from the Eastern District of Wisconsin, the Western District of Wisconsin, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit

In Wisconsin, the state’s Circuit Courts are general trial courts with original jurisdiction over all civil and criminal matters within the state that handle probate matters, juvenile cases, traffic cases, and civil and criminal jury trials. The current structure of unified trial courts under the banner of Circuit Courts was instituted in Wisconsin after a series of proposed amendments to the Wisconsin Constitution were approved by voters in 1977. These amendments effectively combined the previously split jurisdiction between County Courts and Circuit Courts into a more simplified and streamlined system that operates in Wisconsin today.

With this new release, our clients can access Circuit Court cases for all of the 72 counties across Wisconsin, and they can use our seamless case research tools to easily filter and narrow their results by jurisdiction, case types, filing date, case status, and more. They can also access information on the parties, attorneys, and judges involved in litigation, and dig deeper into Wisconsin court dockets with our unique docket date filters and highly tailored docket searches to find the docket entries leading to new potential business opportunities and legal research insights. 

Here are some of the Wisconsin courts you can now access with UniCourt:

  1. Milwaukee County Circuit Court
  2. Dane County Circuit Court
  3. Waukesha County Circuit Court
  4. Brown County Circuit Court
  5. Racine County Circuit Court
  6. Outagamie County Circuit Court
  7. Kenosha County Circuit Court

Along with our powerful case research platform, our clients can now leverage UniCourt’s case tracking feature to get real-time case alerts whenever new updates occur on Wisconsin civil, criminal, probate, and family cases they need to stay up to date on. They can also use UniCourt’s Legal Data APIs to get bulk access to Wisconsin state court data that’s already been structured, cleaned, and standardized, and they can easily connect their applications, matter management systems, CRMs, and data lakes to the 1.8 million and counting Wisconsin state court cases now available in UniCourt’s legal database.

Make sure to stay tuned for new developments as we continue to onboard new state and federal courts! Follow UniCourt on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for new releases.