Bulk Access to PACER Data

Bulk Access to PACER Data

UniCourt’s PACER API provides you with a real-time interface and bulk access to the entire PACER database of civil and criminal federal court data from U.S. District Courts, Bankruptcy Courts, Courts of Appeal, and more.

Our PACER API fully integrates with PACER data so you can streamline pulling the court data you need to automate your internal workflows while saving money on outrageous fees.

Leave behind PACER’s outdated search tools for a modern case search with the precision you need.

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How Can UniCourt’s PACER API Help You?

Comprehensive Intelligence for Investigations

  • Make intelligent decisions faster by accessing court data in a comprehensive and automated fashion with APIs.
  • Leverage UniCourt's PACER API to provide your clients with instant searches of bankruptcy data and civil and criminal cases for compliance and due diligence.
  • Our PACER API helps your clients make better assessments of risk and save the basic case information they need for their records.

Avoid Risk with Informed Underwriting

  • Seamlessly integrate court data into your underwriting process with easy, bulk access to PACER data.
  • Investment management firms, private banks, and lenders can quickly find bankruptcies and lawsuits connected to businesses and borrowers by using our API to instantly search federal court databases.
  • Avoid doing business with corporations whose assets are tied up in litigation or who have been sued for fraudulent business practices.

A Better Way to Do Background Checks

  • Instantly expand your investigative reach with the ability to easily pull federal court data from PACER with UniCourt's PACER API.
  • Search the complete database of federal criminal cases to conduct the most thorough background checks possible.
  • Use UniCourt's industry leading PACER API to automate your workflows with structured court data and create a seamless background check experience for your clients.

Litigation Intelligence for Law Firms

  • Transform your firm's knowledge management, business development, analytics, and innovation initiatives with API access to normalized and standardized PACER data.
  • Get the litigation intelligence your law firm needs to develop insightful litigation strategies and manage your clients' litigation risk.
  • Save your clients and your firm from overpaying exorbitant PACER fees for your legal research projects and routine case management.

Spurring Innovation in Legal Technology

  • Give your clients instant access to the full criminal and civil PACER dataset all inside of your app with UniCourt's PACER API.
  • Whether you're an existing enterprise solution or bootstrapping a legal tech startup, you can substantially lower your PACER fees with our massive repository of federal court data and smart tracking solutions.
  • Push your innovation forward by starting off with PACER data that's been cleaned, normalized, and enriched to power your analytics products, build automated workflows, and supply training data for your machine learning models.

Better Manage Insurance Litigation Risk

  • Conduct in-depth analysis of your federal claims litigation risk so you can better value lawsuit costs, determine when to settle cases, and when to take them all the way to trial.
  • Use UniCourt's PACER API to find your insurance cases and get real-time alerts and on-demand case updates from PACER.
  • Leverage our PACER API and our large repository of federal insurance court data to see the litigation trends impacting your markets and your competitors.

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What Can You Do with UniCourt's PACER API?

Search Smarter and Curb Costs

Search Smarter and Curb Costs

With UniCourt’s PACER API you can download the court data you need and lower your PACER costs by pulling data smarter.

When you search for court cases using our API for PACER, your search results show (1) which cases are already available in UniCourt, (2) when they were added to our database and last updated, and (3) the UniCourt Case IDs for each case so you can easily pull any additional data you need.

Don’t pay for PACER data when you don’t have to and stop wasting time logging into PACER everyday when there’s a smarter way to search.

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Bulk Access to PACER Data and Documents

Court Document Download

Bulk Access to PACER Data and Documents

Get the complete historical data set you need for criminal and civil PACER data seamlessly integrated with all your internal applications and client facing solutions.

Leverage UniCourt's extensive free repository of case metadata, docket entries, and court documents to get bulk API access to PACER data without breaking your budget.

Get bulk court data from PACER that has been normalized with our artificial intelligence and enriched with other public data sets like attorney bar data, Secretary of State data, and judicial data.

Track PACER Litigation at Scale

Track PACER Litigation at Scale

Combine the power of UniCourt’s PACER API with our Court Data API to track your litigation at scale.

Automatically track PACER cases with ease and receive alerts when new docket updates are available so you never miss a federal court filing.

Save money on outrageous PACER fees by leveraging the sophisticated algorithms we’ve developed to intelligently track court cases in bulk without incurring over-the-top fees.

Track PACER Litigation at Scale

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