UniCourt Legal Analytics Reports – U.S. District Courts Patent Litigation 2020

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UniCourt Legal Analytics Reports – U.S. District Courts Patent Litigation 2020

Legal analytics drive important innovation in the legal industry, from powering business development and competitive intelligence for law firms to giving legal service providers tangible benchmarks for growth and change.

Observing a growing demand for reporting on litigation trends, UniCourt released our legal analytics dashboard to help legal professionals make more informed strategic decisions. To illustrate what you can do with analytics, we’re sharing this series to showcase data on the top five litigation plaintiffs’ attorneys and law firms, as well as the top five defense attorneys and firms, across specific practice areas.

For our second report of 2021, we are featuring the top attorneys and law firms for all patent litigation in U.S. District Courts for 2020. This is a follow-up to last year’s report on the top patent attorneys and law firms for 2019.

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Top Plaintiff Attorney Analytics*

Top Plaintiff Attorney Analytics

This month’s top plaintiff attorney and leader in patent litigation for 2020 is Isaac Philip Rabicoff.

Mr. Rabicoff is a patent litigation attorney and the founder of Rabicoff Law LLC. He has won massive recoveries for clients, leading licensing campaigns against major players like Amazon, Microsoft, Sony, Apple, LG, Huawei, Samsung, and Google. He has also successfully defeated the institution of numerous inter partes reviews (IPR) and covered business method reviews (CBM) before the Patent Trial and Appeal Board, including the denial of institution on all claims over a CBM petition filed by Mastercard.

Last year’s top patent litigator was Timothy Devlin of the Devlin Law Firm LLC.

Honorable mentions for this month include Jimmy C. Chong of The Chong Law Firm, PA, Raymond W. Mort, III of The Mort Law Firm, PLLC, and James L. Etheridge and Ryan Scott Loveless of Etheridge Law Group, PLLC.

Top Plaintiff Law Firm Analytics*

Top Plaintiff Law Firm Analytics

This month’s top plaintiff law firm for patent litigation in 2020 is Rabicoff Law LLC.

Rabicoff Law is a leading patent law firm with the most active case loads for patent litigation nationwide. Led by top patent attorney Isaac Philip Rabicoff, the firm focuses on patent litigation, post-grant patent proceedings, IP litigation, business litigation, and other patent services. 

Last year’s top patent litigation plaintiff’s firm was the Devlin Law Firm LLC.

Honorable mentions for this month go to those same two firms, as well as newcomers The Chong Law Firm, PA, The Mort Law Firm, PLLC, and Etheridge Law Group, PLLC.

Top Defense Attorney Analytics*

Top Defense Attorney Analytics

Neil J. McNabnay is the top defense attorney for all patent litigation cases in 2020.

Mr. McNabnay is a principal in the Dallas office of Fish & Richardson PC. His practice focuses on patent litigation for clients in industries including software, hardware, transportation, financial services, semiconductors, telecommunications, and aerospace defense.

Melissa Richards Smith of Gillam & Smith LLP was the top patent defense attorney for 2019.

This month’s honorable mentions go to Barry Kenneth Shelton of Shelton Coburn LLP, Ricardo Joel Bonilla of Fish & Richardson PC, Melissa Richards Smith, and Michael E. Jones of Potter Minton, PC.

Top Defense Law Firm Analytics*

Top Defense Law Firm Analytics

This month’s top defense firm for all patent cases 2020 is Fish and Richardson PC.

Founded in 1879 and recognized as a market leader in IP litigation, Fish’s lawyers appear in venues throughout the United States and are trusted by some of the nation’s leading corporations. Fish also took its place as the top patent defense firm for 2019.

Honorable mentions this month go to Shelton Coburn LLP, Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP, Gillam & Smith LLP, and Potter Minton, PC.

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