UniCourt Product Release – Legal Analytics Dashboard

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UniCourt Product Release – Legal Analytics Dashboard

We are excited to announce that our new analytics dashboard is live! In light of our mission to make court data more useful, our analytics dashboard provides federal, California, and Florida analytics derived from hundreds of millions of data points from court records. Combined with our normalization technology, the analytics dashboard gives users more complete reports on attorneys / law firms, case types (practice area), judges, and courts (jurisdictions), allowing for a variety of practical uses ranging from business development to business intelligence.

In this post, we will review the five main features of the analytics dashboard, which produces downloadable reports in the following areas:

  • Attorney / Law Firm Analytics – Allows users to search and compare individual attorneys or law firms and create reports showing their experience by case type, judge, and court
  • Case Type Analytics – Build reports on the number of filed cases by case type and court
  • Jurisdiction Analytics – Create reports by court and case type
  • Top Attorney / Law Firm Analytics – See top attorneys / law firms by case type and court
  • Top Judge Analytics – See top judges by case type and court

Let’s walk through each feature in greater detail.

Attorney / Law Firm Analytics

The Attorneys / Law Firms Analytics reports allows users to search for and see analytics related to a particular attorney or law firm. Users can also filter the analytics generated for each attorney and law firm by court and case type to get even more individualized reports. This feature is useful if you want to look up an attorney’s experience by case type, judge, and court.


In addition to providing analytics for individual attorneys and law firms, the Attorney / Law Firm analytics provides the ability to search for and compare the experience of up to three attorneys and/or law firms. The compare feature shows the total number of cases each attorney/law firm has handled, what their top case type is, and the top jurisdiction they file cases in. For clients contemplating between hiring different attorneys to handle a new case or law firms comparing lateral hires, this feature can provide a quick reference point to gauge the relative experience of attorneys head to head.

compare the experience of up to three attorneys and/or law firms

Case Type Analytics

The Case Type Analytics reports enables users to view and download reports by case type showing the number of cases filed in multiple jurisdictions during a particular period of time. As with the Top Attorney / Law Firm analytics reports, you can filter based on court, case type, and time period.

In the example below, the report shows the number of personal injury automobile cases filed in Hillsborough County and Miami-Dade County and Circuit Courts, Florida from 2016-2019. This report reveals that the number of personal injury cases is on a consistently upward trend for Hillsborough County, while Dade County appears to have a relatively consistent volume of cases over time. This type of information can be helpful for both law firms interested in learning more about their local legal market, as well as insurance companies determining whether to raise their rates in certain areas where car accidents and lawsuits are on the rise.


Jurisdiction Analytics

The Jurisdiction Analytics reports arm users with the ability to see which case types are trending in a single jurisdiction over time. With these reports users can see the overall litigation trends for particular case types, which attorneys and law firms have the most experience handling those types of cases as both plaintiff and defense counsel, and which judges in that jurisdiction handle the highest volume of those cases.

The sample report below shows the trends for debt collection cases filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court from 2000-2018. As you can see, when the great recession hit in 2008, there was a plateau of debt collection cases filed that reached almost 130,000 cases in just one year. While the volume of debt collection cases trended downwards from 2008 to 2015, there is an unmistakable upward trend from 2015 to 2018, and a significant jump in volume just from 2017 to 2018. This type of information can be extremely valuable for law firms looking to expand their business into practice areas with clear signs of growth, as well as financial institutions and lenders interested in seeing macroeconomic cycles.


Top Attorneys / Law Firm Analytics

The Top Attorneys / Law Firm Analytics reports shows the top attorneys and law firms with the most experience in handling particular types of cases within particular jurisdictions. The filters for the Top Attorneys / Top Law Firm Analytics allows users to search for the top attorneys for either a single jurisdiction or multiple jurisdictions, broken down by case type.

For example, imagine you want to search for labor and employment cases for the U.S. District Court in California’s Central District. Once you select your filters, the report will pull up the top plaintiff and defense attorneys / law firms for labor and employment in California’s Central District. As you can see from the sample report below, attorney Nicole Y Blohm of Meserve Mumper & Hughes LLP is the top labor and employment defense attorney by far, with 68 cases filed in California’s Central District from 2016-2019.

In terms of top defense law firms overall, Niclle’s firm, Meserve Mumper & Hughes LLP, handled the most cases (122) during the same time period, followed by Littler Mendelson PC (92), Ogletree, Deakins, Nash, Smoak & Stewart, P.C. (65), Seyfarth Shaw LLP (62), and Morgan Lewis & Bockius LLP (48). This type of information can be incredibly helpful for in-house counsel needing to find an experienced attorney to handle a new employment related case that pops up, and especially new cases in jurisdictions where their go to firms do not have a presence.

top 20 defense attorneys

Top Judges Analytics

The Top Judges Analytics reports allows users to see which judges handle the highest volume of cases for specific case types and courts. Much like the Top Attorney Analytics, users can create individualized reports to see which judges handle cases for either a single jurisdiction or multiple jurisdictions, broken down by a single case type or multiple types.

This can be a catalyst for deeper research into the judge’s opinions and dispositions to see how they are likely to rule, and is particularly useful for attorneys who practice in specialty courts or in many federal courts where the judge pool is smaller. It can also help attorneys understand how full certain judges’ dockets are, and the volume of cases handled in a particular venue. This could help practitioners determine how packed the docket is and what that might mean for continued business in a given practice area.


Downloading and Exporting Data

Downloading and exporting reports is incredibly easy through UniCourt’s analytics dashboard. To download an analytics report, select the “download” prompt at the top right of a given report. When you select “download,” you will be given the option to download the report as a PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG vector image. After you download, you will be able to either save your report or directly share it on social media.

You also have the option to export a report list (i.e. Top Attorneys / Law Firms) as a .csv file. To do this, scroll down the screen to select the button labeled “export reports.” You will be prompted to give your report a title, and an email will be automatically sent to you when your exported file is ready. The email will include a link to download your .csv file.

Making Court Data More Useful

Releasing our analytics dashboard is a critical step in our mission to make court data more useful and to provide our users with more opportunities to share information with others. By producing high level analytics on normalized attorneys, law firms, case types, and judges we have established a solid foundation from which we can produce more in depth analytics for our users. Stay tuned for our docket level analytics where we will be able to reveal more particularized analytics surrounding the outcomes of motions by judges, parties, and attorneys, and other types of analytics, such as the time taken to close particular types of cases.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more about our legal analytics or accessing bulk court data through our Legal Data APIs.