Jean O’Grady Writes in Legaltech Hub on Panning for Gold with APIs

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Jean O’Grady Writes in Legaltech Hub on Panning for Gold with APIs

APIs are how the business world moves around data to gather intelligence, build analytics, and automate processes. Though Legal Data APIs have been around for years, the legal industry, as opposed to finance, insurance, and investigations industries, is finally beginning to play catch up to leverage the goldmine of data APIs can unlock for legal professionals.

Law Librarians and Legal Data APIs

According to Jean O’Grady, legal information giant and Editor and blogger for the website Dewey B Strategic, “Even before COVID-19 accelerated the death of the print library, law librarians had begun developing portals using APIs to deliver widgets, single purpose solutions for pulling data.” 

In Jean’s recent article on Legaltech Hub, “If Data is the New Gold, then Law Libraries are a Goldmine: Panning for Gold with APIs,” she shares that as she’s been tracking the legal data market, she’s observed that “a new generation of API tools and market forces have driven APIs into the spotlight.” 

With APIs taking over the limelight, Jean highlighted a number of reasons she sees KM professionals and law librarians as mission critical to maximizing the value of APIs. Here are some of the reasons Jean listed:

  • Librarians know how to evaluate the quality of information.
  • They are trained in taxonomy and can identify differences between internal and external taxonomies.
  • They are trained to conduct research interviews and are thus able to assess what information an organization needs to make discoverable to its key users.
  • They know how to negotiate contracts for digital content and can identify issues which could impact the cost, quality and usability of the data.

As Jean reiterated in her conclusion, “No one is better positioned to be the facilitator of a firm-wide API project than the professional researchers also known as law librarians.” 

Law librarians “have excellent knowledge of the commercial data already available at the firm,” and given their existing role within law firms, they can “easily understand how that data can add value to workflow and insights needed by administrative departments and practice groups across the firm.” 

From Jean’s perspective, law librarians are sitting on a “goldmine of data which is ready to be exploited for the business and practice of law.”

UniCourt Highlighted as an API Vendor

We were delighted to see UniCourt get highlighted by Jean as one of the API providers worth noting in her Legaltech Hub article. 

UniCourt has been a market mover on providing Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) via our APIs to our clients for business development and intelligence, litigation analytics, litigation tracking, case research, investigations, background checks, due diligence, compliance, underwriting, machine learning models, and process automation.

Well before the COVID-19 pandemic began upending the way the legal industry looks at legal technology and legal data, UniCourt released our first Legal Data APIs in 2018. Since then, we’ve taken years worth of feedback and insights from AmLaw firms and Fortune 500 companies to develop our next generation of APIs, which just launched into Beta in July of this year. 

Along with our new APIs, we’ve introduced a new and powerful search query language that gives you maximum flexibility and exacting precision for finding the data you need. We’ve also deeply integrated our entity normalization and analytics with our case search, so you can seamlessly move from a case to analytics on connected attorneys, law firms, parties, and judges. And on the flip side, you can easily go from looking at analytics and intelligence on attorneys, law firms, parties, and judges to gathering all of the underlying data and documents connected to their litigation.

If you’re a law librarian eager to try out some of the most mature Legal Data APIs on the market, UniCourt’s APIs are intuitive and easy to use, and give your firm bulk access to legal data that’s been structured, classified, and normalized by our AI and automation technologies.

Contact UniCourt’s Sales Team and get started today!