UniCourt’s New Integration Partnership with Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform

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UniCourt’s New Integration Partnership with Ontic’s Protective Intelligence Platform

UniCourt is a leader in making court data more accessible and useful with our Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS). We provide real-time API access to court data to Fortune 500 companies and AmLaw firms for business development and intelligence, litigation analytics, case research, litigation tracking, underwriting, investigations, due diligence, compliance, machine learning models, and process automation.

Earlier today, Ontic announced a new integration partnership with UniCourt to provide its clients with access to UniCourt’s full dataset of over 150 million state and federal court cases, along with our leading solutions for case tracking and case research.

Ontic is a protective intelligence software innovator that is digitally transforming how companies actively identify, investigate, assess, watch, and manage physical security threats to protect their employees, customers, and assets. Through its SaaS-based protective intelligence platform, Ontic collects and connects threat indicators to give its clients an extensive, far-reaching view of potential threats they face, in addition to providing its clients with actionable knowledge critical to maintaining their business continuity and reducing financial impacts.  

Integrating legal data from strategic partners like UniCourt “further strengthens the Ontic platform’s position as a protective intelligence standard empowering security teams to holistically analyze and rapidly optimize the intelligence they need to keep their organizations safe,” says Ontic CEO, Lukas Quanstrom. When corporate security teams need to conduct an investigation, Quantstrom details that “it is essential [they] have access to state and federal court records,” so that they “have the data and context for understanding its severity.”

Through our strategic partnership with Ontic, their clients can now access real-time court data from a range of federal courts through our Court Data API and our PACER Search API, including U.S. District Courts, U.S. Bankruptcy Courts, U.S. Courts Of Appeals, and more. They can also access state court records from states like California, Texas, Florida, New York, and others. The complete listing of courts and case types (civil, family, probate, and criminal) available to Ontic clients can be viewed on UniCourt’s Court Coverage page.

Fueling innovation at the intersection of legal data and automated intelligence gathering, UniCourt’s Legal Data APIs empower Ontic’s clients to continuously monitor litigation and receive alerts when critical case updates occur and new court documents become available in cases they’re tracking. As UniCourt CEO, Josh Blandi notes, “[o]ur partnership creates efficiencies via alerts, workflows, and collaboration that help streamline and make corporate security teams’ jobs easier.”

To learn more about the integration partnership between UniCourt and Ontic or to get more information on leveraging our Legal Data APIs, please reach out using our Contact Us page.