UniCourt’s New Integration Partnership with AdvoLogix

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UniCourt’s New Integration Partnership with AdvoLogix

UniCourt is a leader in making court data more accessible and useful through our Legal Data as a Service offering via our APIs for business development and intelligence, analytics, case research and tracking, underwriting, background checks, investigations, machine learning models, and process automation.

We’re excited to share our new integration partnership with AdvoLogix, a legal technology company providing matter management solutions for law firms, legal departments, and public service organizations. 

Through our partnership with AdvoLogix, their clients will now be able to search, filter, and download state and federal (PACER) court docket updates and related court documents directly within AdvoLogix’s system, and also associate those dockets and documents with specific matters. In their recent summer product release announcing our new partnership, AdvoLogix highlighted that “our integration is an industry first,” and that they “are delighted to be able to offer this efficiency-improving feature to [their] users.” 

While the majority of legal professionals have to conduct their matter management and court research in separate applications, requiring labor-intensive data downloads and imports from one system to another, this process can now be done seamlessly and automatically all within AdvoLogix’s platform, saving time and reducing the potential for errors. 

We’re happy to be working with forward-thinking legal tech companies like AdvoLogix, who recognized that manual, rote data entry tasks were “ripe for innovation and improvement” and acted to improve the user experience for their clients. With our suite of Legal Data APIs now integrated with AdvoLogix’s matter management system, their clients can begin leveraging our powerful case research tools to streamline their litigation management and automate time-consuming tasks.

Unlike legacy providers who seek to act as gatekeepers to the legal information lawyers and legal professionals need to run their firms more effectively, UniCourt strongly believes in providing bulk API access to our legal data, so innovators like AdvoLogix can create the future-ready solutions their clients need. 

If you’re a legal tech company interested in using UniCourt’s APIs for bulk data downloads or real-time data feeds to power your next generation technology tools, Contact Us to learn more.