UniCourt Product Release – New Court Data for California Supreme Court & Courts of Appeal

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UniCourt Product Release –  New Court Data for California Supreme Court & Courts of Appeal

Improving access to court records and making government records public records is central to UniCourt’s mission to make court data more organized, structured, and accessible. With industry standard Legal Data APIs, our intuitive application, and our public case pages, we’re committed to providing our clients and the public with better access to the legal data they need.

As we continue to onboard new courts to provide better access to state and federal court records, we’ve expanded our coverage for California to now include the California Supreme Court and the California Courts of Appeal.

While UniCourt already provides substantial court coverage for across California with access to Los Angeles County Superior Courts, San Diego County Superior Courts, Orange County Superior Courts, Riverside County Superior Courts, San Bernardino County Superior Courts, San Francisco County Superior Courts, and more, our clients can now access California court cases from the trial court level all the way to the state Supreme Court. You can now access over 600k+ cases from the Courts of Appeal and over 250k from the Supreme Court.

Our clients can now access all of the case types present in the California Courts of Appeals that were available at the Superior Court level and can also now access cases of original jurisdiction in the California Supreme Court, including attorney discipline cases involving The State Bar of California. For new cases in our system, clients can get basic case information for docket entries, attorneys, law firms, parties, judges, and more, and they can also download documents for cases where they have been made publicly available by the court.

In California there are numerous Courts of Appeal across the state, and you can now get court data from all of the different Districts and Divisions in UniCourt, including the First Appellate District (Divisions 1-5), the Second Appellate District (Divisions 1-8), the Third Appellate District, the Fourth Appellate District (Divisions 1-3), the Fifth Appellate District, and the Sixth Appellate District.

Beyond just accessing the legal data they need, our clients in the legal industry ranging from law firms to litigation support can now start using UniCourt’s easy to use case tracking, automated court searches, and Legal Data API to automate their case research for cases on appeal, develop their own analytics on appellate and Supreme Court decisions, and enhance their business development and legal marketing with real-time alerts for when their clients are involved in appellate litigation.

Stay tuned to learn more about new courts we’re onboarding in the coming weeks and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for new UniCourt releases!