UniCourt Now Featured in Reynen Court’s Law Firm Solution Store

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UniCourt Now Featured in Reynen Court’s Law Firm Solution Store

UniCourt’s core mission is to improve access to legal data. Through our easy to use application and industry leading APIs, we make legal data more organized, accessible, and useful for law firms.

On the heels of Reynen Court’s recent announcement that they’ve raised $4.5 million to expand their team and accelerate their growth, and another announcement just this week of a new investment from the biggest law firm in Japan, we’re excited to share that UniCourt is now a featured court data management and legal research solution listed in Reynen Court’s Solution Store.

Reynen’s Significance for Law Firms

As a legal tech app store built for and funded by some of the largest global law firms, including Clifford Chance, Latham & Watkins, Orrick, and Nishimura & Asahi, Reynen Court has developed a unique platform for firms to increase the speed and success of their technology adoption. Reynen “enables firms to run cloud-based applications either on premises or within virtual private clouds under their own control,” allowing them to confidently and securely use the modern software and legal tech solutions they need.

Founded in 2018, Reynen now boasts a consortium of nineteen leading global law firms. To make tech adoption easier for platform users, Reynen removes the need for law firms to conduct exhaustive due diligence and cybersecurity reviews on legal tech companies. During the onboarding process, all vendors who want to be listed within the law firm Solution Store have to go through a series of product reviews and information security questionnaires and interviews to build out their vendor profile. This helps law firms quickly review legal tech offerings based on their category of products, company maturity, and risk profile.

After completing Reynen Court’s onboarding process and getting a chance to work with their great team of content curators, product managers, and information security experts, we at UniCourt were incredibly impressed with their thoroughness and thoughtfulness, and remain excited to be a part of their expanding ecosystem of 90 plus legal tech solutions.

From Christian Lang, Head of Strategy at Reynen Court: “We are thrilled to feature UniCourt in our Solution Store. Their commitment to reducing the barriers between legal innovators and the materials/inputs (i.e., good, clean legal data) necessary to fuel insight and analysis is deeply resonant with our mission at Reynen Court of trying to remove friction that slows the pace of getting the right tools in the right hands at the right time.  We look forward to collaborating with UniCourt to continue making it easier for great lawyers to deliver better, faster, higher-value legal advice.”

How Reynen Users Can Take Advantage of UniCourt

UniCourt is a Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) solution for legal professionals providing API access to court data for business development, competitive intelligence, analytics, machine learning models, and process automation.

Our design and features were developed by lawyers, engineers, and legal domain experts to make accessing legal data as seamless as possible for AmLaw firms and Fortune 500 companies with an intuitive application and world class APIs. We use intelligent automation to collect court data across hundreds of state and federal (PACER) courts, as well as machine learning to organize, clean, and structure that data to make it readily available for case research, case tracking, entity tracking, legal analytics, and Legal Data APIs.

With UniCourt now listed in Reynen Court’s Solution Store, platform users can get bulk access to the data they need with UniCourt’s suite of industry leading Legal Data APIs, including our Court Data API, Attorney Data API, Law Firm Data API, Party Data API, and Judge Data API. Our APIs provide real-time access to data, so legal professionals can automate the process of searching for cases, streamline tracking litigation involving their clients, and get on-demand data updates for their analytics and reporting.

In addition to all of UniCourt’s standard features and solutions, we’re also offering Reynen Court users scope of work engineering and consulting services related to API integrations, entity normalization, and data structuring.

Legal Data API Integrations

  • UniCourt’s team of dedicated engineers is available to work with firms to build the necessary infrastructure to integrate UniCourt’s legal data with a firm’s internal applications, matter management systems, CRMs, data lakes, and more.

Entity Normalization

  • Leveraging UniCourt’s entity normalization technology, we identify and collect variations in names and spellings and combine them with other relevant data points, to determine the real-world entities tied to specific court records. 
  • We then cluster together entity types (parties, attorneys, law firms, and judges) based on name similarity measures of their name components, and we further enrich those clusters through known entity seeding with other public data sets like attorney bar data, Secretary of State data, and judge data to map them to real-world entities.
  • Finally, we build relationships between clusters of an entity type and across different types through entity linking to provide added insights and intelligence from legal data.

Data Structuring

  • UniCourt has the expertise law firms can leverage to develop the added data structure they need on top of UniCourt’s legal data, including classifying case metadata, case types, dockets, and court documents.

Learn More and Get Started

Law firms already on Reynen Court’s platform, such as Paul Weiss, Covington & Burling, Davis Polk, Gibson Dunn, and many others can now learn more about UniCourt’s product offerings all within Reynen’s Solution Store. Interested firms can also reach out to UniCourt directly through our Contact Us page to learn more about our Enterprise plans and professional services.