UniCourt Welcomes Anna Hascall as National Account Executive

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UniCourt Welcomes Anna Hascall as National Account Executive

UniCourt is an industry leading legal tech company making court data more accessible and useful with our Legal Data as a Service, and that’s all made possible due to our amazing team. We’re still growing and expanding as a company and we want to welcome and introduce you to one of the newest members of our team: Anna Hascall

Anna has a wide-array of knowledge on legal data and how the legal industry is using it. With her experience as a litigation associate at Wilson Elser Moskowitz Edelman & Dicker LLP and Freeborn & Peters LLP, as a law clerk at the Circuit Court of Cook County, Illinois, and working for a decade plus at Thomson Reuters, Anna is a excellent addition to our team as UniCourt’s National Account Executive. 

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UniCourt: Tell us your story. What is your background in the legal industry?

Anna Hascall: I began my career as a litigation attorney, but quickly realized that I was much better suited to helping others find answers than arguing cases in the courtroom. I’m more suited to equipping litigators to win than I was to being one myself. After about five years in private practice, I joined Thomson Reuters representing their Westlaw and Practical Law offerings for about 15 years. I learned a lot about myself during those years. I love working on the sales side of the legal industry. If you’re doing it right, everyone is better off for the connections you make. It’s a fantastic way to approach life. 

UC: How is what UniCourt is doing different from other traditional legal data providers?

AH: Everything! UniCourt and its APIs are revolutionary among legal information providers. The variety of ways APIs can be implemented is remarkable. People use them for everything from litigation tracking and legal analytics, to business development and intelligence, due diligence, risk analysis and underwriting, and so much more. In the past, I would be talking only to the legal department, but now, I get to reach out across the business since so many parts of the organization can benefit from UniCourt’s information, particularly when it’s integrated via our APIs.  

UC: How are APIs and Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) a game changer for law firms and legal departments?

AH: The ability to integrate this legal data into their current process flows is absolutely a game changer. Imagine as an attorney, your firm could program this legal data into your current systems, so that you can easily see what is happening with your case. Or beyond that, run analytics on the parties involved in your case or type of case. Some departments even integrate this information to watch what others in their same practice area are doing. One of the best ways to grow includes learning from others, so I find this to be a particularly innovative way to enhance the legal department’s talent. 

If you have a legal department that is still going outside of its current system to access docketing data, I’d highly recommend considering API integration to streamline and modernize processes and workflows. 

UC: How can the legal analytics UniCourt provides via APIs be used to develop winning litigation strategies?

AH: Legal analytics are critical to understanding your case, and all of the nuances surrounding it. For example, it is critical to understand how other cases like yours are treated by the court in which you’re bringing your case. You need to understand opposing counsel, what they’ve done in the past, the judge, how they tend to rule, and so much more. Walking into court with no understanding of the judge, opposing counsel, and case type would be about as much of a poor choice as heading to an unknown destination with no map available. You’re going to get somewhere for sure, but it’s probably not where you wanted to go. 

UC: What are some of your favorite sayings? Do you have any real-world examples of how you’ve seen those sayings come to life?

AH: I have so many motivational sayings, I used to post them all over my apartment when I was younger, so that anywhere I turned there was encouragement looking back at me! There are two that come to mind right away. Growing up my dad always taught us this one: DWYSYWD. Do What You Say You Will Do. Always. No matter what. I think if we do that one simple thing we’ll be a person with integrity who makes others’ lives better. He taught us to be people who keep our word. 

I also carry this quote in my wallet so that I always have it with me. “My country did not send me 5,000 miles to start the race, they sent me 5,000 miles to finish the race.” Some of you will recognize this quote. This is what Olympic Marathoner John Stepher Akhwari said in 1968 after crossing the finish line bloodied and bandaged, but never giving up. Most of the things people would call failures, are actually successes, as long as you never decide to give up. I studied Japanese, and the word they use for “good luck” doesn’t actually mean “good luck.” It means “do your best.” I like this perspective better because it involves a focus on continual effort and improvement. 

UC: What do you like most about working at UniCourt?

AH: This could be a really long answer – I love it here! The team is amazing, everyone is committed to doing their best to create a positive interaction between us and our clients. Both in the way we care about our clients needs, and in the way we deliver such a quality product. UniCourt’s APIs and our team are phenomenal. 

Additionally, it is so much fun to be speaking with people from across an organization. I think people mentally put legal data in a box and think it’s just for the legal department. And it definitely is a game changer for that department. However, the most advanced and innovative firms and businesses are starting to ask themselves, “how can we integrate case information into our workflow via API?” 

UniCourt’s data equips the marketing and business development departments. It sets underwriters up to make informed risk-analysis. It allows the business to conduct due diligence and verify information given to them. It is the foundation for internal process automation, and so much more! It’s so much fun when someone comes up with a use-case I haven’t heard or thought of yet. And this happens a lot! Our clients are very innovative and creative. 

Join UniCourt’s Growing Team of Professionals

Anna is a rockstar and we’re lucky to have her on our team with the wealth of knowledge and experience she brings to the table. If you’re interested in working with Anna and joining UniCourt’s Sales team as an Account Executive or Business Development Executive, you can find current opportunities and apply online on our Careers page

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