UniCourt Featured as Justia Connect Member Benefit

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UniCourt Featured as Justia Connect Member Benefit

Making the law and legal resources free for all is the mission and driving force behind core projects and the success of legal information giant Justia

Since its founding in 2003, Justia has continuously been one of the biggest contributors to the open law movement by publishing countless laws, regulations, court cases, and much more online for the public to access for free. Justia is also a founding member of the PACER Collective and has worked with UniCourt since 2018 to improve access to federal court data from PACER.

In further support of its mission to increase access to the law, Justia is committed to providing lawyers with legal practice and marketing solutions designed to help them better connect with clients and grow their practices. The world-class products and services available through Justia Marketing Solutions include the Justia Lawyer Directory (one of the most robust online platforms for consumers to locate local lawyers), premier website and SEO services through Justia Elevate, and advertising solutions and PPC management through Justia Amplify. Justia is also working to connect lawyers with the best third party legal practice software and services as part of their Justia Connect membership program.

We are thrilled to share that UniCourt is now listed as a featured benefit in Justia Legal Deals, a core membership benefit of Justia Connect: the membership connecting legal professionals with benefits and resources to achieve their professional and practice-growth goals. 

In this post, we’ll share more about what Justia Connect is, how lawyers can take advantage of their savings through Justia Legal Deals, and why Justia Connect members need UniCourt’s Legal Data as a Service. 

What Is Justia Connect? 

Justia Connect is a new, free membership program designed by Justia to help lawyers share, learn, save, connect, and grow their practice. As members of Justia Connect, lawyers receive access to exclusive members-only resources and benefits created by Justia’s expert team of marketers, lawyers, and technology professionals specifically with the legal community in mind.

When lawyers join Justia Connect, they receive a free, professional attorney profile in the Justia Lawyer Directory, which allows members to greatly increase their online visibility, create opportunities to connect with new clients, and strengthen their professional brand and digital reputation.

Justia Connect members can also take advantage of updates on the latest in legal marketing and technology through Legal Marketing Updates from the Justia Onward blog. Written by an impressive team of attorneys, expert marketers, and technology professionals, the Justia Onward blog and corresponding Legal Marketing Updates help lawyers stay informed on the mounting changes and best practices of the legal marketing and technology industries.

On top of a wealth of resources available to Justia Connect members through the Justia Lawyer Directory, Legal Marketing Updates, and the Justia Portal, they can also share knowledge with potential clients, the general public, and other lawyers by participating on the Justia platform. With Justia Ask A Lawyer, attorneys can share their knowledge and highlight their legal reasoning skills to potential clients with a current legal question, as well as prospective clients who may have a similar question in the future. Justia Connect members can also leverage Justia Annotations to summarize and annotate cases, demonstrate their understanding of the law, and help make the law more accessible to the public.

To cap it off, Justia Connect members have access to the exclusive Justia Deals platform, which includes Justia Lifestyle Savings and Justia Legal Deals. Through Justia Lifestyle Savings, “members can access thousands of discounts and deals on various products and services from well-known brands and companies,” including “everything from movie tickets, travel, and entertainment to business services, rental cars, home loans, and more!” 

What Is Justia Legal Deals?

Justia Connect members can “potentially save hundreds of dollars” on products and services designed specifically to help lawyers more effectively manage and expand their practices through Justia Legal Deals. 

Justia provides all Justia Connect members with discounts from leading providers of legal data, case management, legal research, legal billing, workflow automation, and more. 

Here are some of the other legal technology companies listed in Justia Legal Deals:

  • Documate
  • Clearbrief
  • TimeSolv
  • PracticePanther

Justia is also continually working with other leaders in the legal industry to expand the offerings in Justia Legal Deals and notes that Justia Connect members should check back regularly for new deals on legal technology solutions and legal support services.

Why Do Justia Connect Members Need UniCourt?

UniCourt is a leader in making court data more accessible and useful through our Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS). Through our online app and APIs we provide one portal to access state and federal (PACER) court records for business development, competitive intelligence, legal analytics, case research, litigation tracking, investigations, process automation, and legal recruiting.

Justia Connect members receive 50% off their first month when signing up for a Personal, Professional, or Premium plan with UniCourt. By signing up through Justia Legal Deals, Justia Connect members can get real-time access to state and federal court records all in one convenient place for their case research and case tracking needs.

Case Research

  • Search cases by attorney, law firm, party, judge, case number, and more to find the cases, briefs, motions, and pleadings that matter to you.
  • Update cases and download court documents on-demand without ever having to login to PACER or clunky state court databases.
  • Significantly reduce your court fees with billions of free data points and millions of documents in our CrowdSourced Library™.

Case Tracking

  • Automatically track court cases with ease and receive alerts on new docket updates.
  • Save money on your PACER bill with our intelligent case tracking solutions that avoid incurring over the top fees from PACER to give you immediate, substantial savings.
  • Be the first to know when your clients are involved in new litigation with automated court searches.

How can your law firm take advantage of UniCourt’s Legal Data as a Service?

  • Leverage LDaaS for your law firm’s business development to find new clients, uncover opportunities with existing clients, automate lead generation, and power data-driven legal recruiting.
  • Gather competitive intelligence on your law firm’s clients and competitors for in-depth market share analysis and tracking litigation trends impacting your practice groups and profitability.
  • Streamline your law firm’s matter management with our Legal Data APIs to save considerable resources on docket management and greatly enhance your law firm’s knowledge management.
  • Use our real-time integrations with PACER and state courts along with our expansive CrowdSourced Library™ to conduct case research and opposition research on attorneys, law firms, parties, and judges and build winning litigation strategies. 

If you’re interested in learning more about UniCourt, how law firms are using Legal Data as a Service, or want to see a demo of our online app and APIs, Contact Us and we’ll be in touch.