UniCourt and Justia Team Up for More Efficient Access to PACER Data

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UniCourt and Justia Team Up for More Efficient Access to PACER Data

UniCourt is excited to announce that we are partnering with Justia to improve access to federal court dockets and filing information. By joining forces, Justia and UniCourt are jointly able to improve both organizations’ efficiency and provide even greater data at lower costs.

A key component of this partnership is cost sharing. In reducing the cost of downloading PACER data, our partnership will enable both companies to update case information more frequently yet with lower overheads, with the goal of providing users with only the most current information.

Bulk Access to PACER Data Is a Common and Expensive Problem

Legal data is the fuel for innovation in the legal tech community. Access to bulk PACER data enables legal tech companies to produce the next generation of legal analytics and also allows for better public interaction with the legal system. However, the sizeable cost associated with the bulk download of PACER data is a major barrier to innovation and improved public access.

UniCourt and Justia recognize this as a common problem, and welcome other legal data aggregators interested in bulk downloading PACER data at a reduced cost to join our partnership and further our twin goals of increasing access to PACER data and obtaining richer data sets from more frequent downloads and case updates. For legal tech companies, law libraries, law firms, law schools, legal aid organizations, nonprofits, and others with an ongoing need for updated PACER data, we welcome the opportunity to share how you can become a part of this movement and greatly reduce your PACER costs.

A Shared Vision to Empower Consumers, Businesses and Legal Professionals

Justia in India

Justia’s mission is to promote and advance the public availability of legal resources, focusing chiefly on making primary legal authorities and community resources free and easily accessible online. With Tim Stanley and Stacy Stern at the helm, Justia has been an industry leader in improving access to the law for more than a decade, and we are proud to work with them. As part of their mission, Justia provides free access to case law, federal and state codes and regulations, scholarly articles, legal blogs, and more. Justia also works closely with educational, public interest, and other socially-focused organizations to constantly bring up-to-date legal material to the online community, consumers, and attorneys alike.

UniCourt is dedicated to organizing public records to make them universally accessible and useful, and we support the public’s right to know and access public records, the law, and the legal precedents impacting their lives and livelihoods. As noted in our recent Forbes interview, we also greatly care about making the legal system easy to interact with. Beyond providing law firms, businesses, financial institutions, and other clients with court data for business development and legal analytics, UniCourt also wants to ensure that those who are unable to afford a lawyer can effectively navigate the legal system and make better, more informed decisions about their cases.

Recently, Justia’s CTO, Vasu Kappettu, visited UniCourt’s operations based in Mangalore, India. The purpose of the meeting was to finalize the Justia API gateway and to discuss future projects to improve and enhance access to court data. This was but one of numerous meetings between representatives of both companies.

Together, UniCourt and Justia are pioneering ways to make large amounts of legal data widely available, and we welcome other individuals and organizations who are interested in joining us to improve access to court data while lowering costs to everyone.

Contact us if you are interested in joining this movement.