UniCourt Voted One of the Most Innovative LegalTech Companies by Attendees of the ABA Techshow

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UniCourt Voted One of the Most Innovative LegalTech Companies by Attendees of the ABA Techshow

We had a great week at the ABA Techshow (@ABATECHSHOW) in Chicago recently, and want to thank the organizers and especially the attendees who voted UniCourt (@UniCourtInc) third place in the Startup Alley Competition on the opening night of the conference. If you are interested in the legal innovation that UniCourt has been developing please check out our presentation and demo video.

Mary Juetten (@maryjuetten) of Evolve Law, and Bob Ambrogi (@bobambrogi) of LawSites did a wonderful job organizing and hosting the competition and we were honored to be included in the group of twelve great finalists and proud to make the medal stand by coming in third place. Our congratulations to first place winner Ping (@timebyping), and second place winner Doxly (@DoxlyApp). Seeing the great presentations by all the contenders really underscored just how much innovation is happening in legal these days, and we are proud to be a part of it.

The Startup Alley Competition gave us a wonderful opportunity to show the results of all the work we’ve been putting in since 2012 aggregating and analyzing court records. We were very grateful for the feedback we received from the attendees regarding our case research, legal analytics, docket tracking, business development, and obtaining bulk data through our Legal Data API. Attendees told us how much they appreciated our legal analytics for California state courts and those who tested UniCourt’s global search were particularly impressed that they could find cases in state and federal courts nationwide with one easy search.

We were also excited to connect with so many of our fellow innovators in the legaltech space, and we had some great conversations about integrating UniCourt’s data and analytics with calendaring and docketing systems and practice management tools.

All in all a great conference and thanks again to everyone for all your support.