UniCourt Recognizes the Importance of Law Day

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UniCourt Recognizes the Importance of Law Day

In recognition of Law Day, UniCourt acknowledges the difficulties of accessing case law and court records and stands for improving access to legal information across the country.

In 1958 President Eisenhower recognized May 1st as Law Day and declared it was a “special day of celebration by the American people in appreciation of their liberties and the ideals of equality and justice under law.” Since the 1950s, those American ideals of equality and justice have been transformed and expanded through civil rights legislation.

Today, UniCourt’s mission is to more fully realize these principles of equality and justice by making court records more accessible. Empowering people to better exercise their right to know and access the law reaches a fundamental concept: people in functioning democracies should be able to fully access all laws and cases to better themselves and help build a stronger participatory legal system.

To that end, UniCourt is on a mission to provide the public with better access to legal data and is working towards making Federal and State court records more readily available online.

Through enhancing case research with legal analytics, and compiling a legal database of millions of court documents and records, UniCourt is helping users find and share actionable insights to move forward goal of unlocking public data.

Happy Law Day from the UniCourt team!