Legal Tech Tips with Eve Podcast – Featuring UniCourt’s Josh Blandi & Jeff Cox

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Legal Tech Tips with Eve Podcast – Featuring UniCourt’s Josh Blandi & Jeff Cox

We’re thrilled to share that UniCourt’s CEO and Co-Founder, Josh Blandi, and Director of Content & Data Acquisition, Jeff Cox, were featured in the most recent Legal Tech Tips with Eve podcast, hosted by Eve Barrett, CEO and Founder of Expedite, an on-demand mobile app platform that is Uberizing legal support services.

Here below is the excellent introduction to the podcast provided by Eve:

“You’re in for a real treat today, as I talk with Josh Blandi and Jeff Cox from UniCourt. Josh Blandi is the CEO and Co-Founder of UniCourt, a SaaS offering using machine learning to disrupt the way court records are organized, accessed, and used. And you all know how much I love companies that are disruptors, so when Jeff Cox, Director of Content and Data Acquisition with UniCourt, reached out to me over the holidays and explained how UniCourt understands the need for automated solutions in the legal space, I knew I wanted to learn more, so I could share this valuable information with the legal world.

UniCourt connects businesses and consumers to the records they need and enables them to tap into the mountain of court data generated everyday for legal analytics, business intelligence and development, background checks, research and many other innovative uses. UniCourt’s next generation platform creates efficiency in legal process operations by consolidating functions that previously required separate solutions. Case docket management, storage, and legal research across both state and federal court systems now centralized in one advanced system. Managing several platforms and logging into various websites to complete tasks is no longer necessary. UniCourt saves you time and increases efficiency.

And we know information is key; and in today’s technological world, access to information has never been easier. Sometimes that’s scary, but that’s the world we live in. As I often tell people who say they find technology intrusive, it’s the compromise we make for the convenience it affords us. But UniCourt offers access to more than just public records. During the interview with Jeff and Josh, my mind was just swirling with the ways trial attorneys can utilize UniCourt to build a whole picture profile of potential jurors. Litigation attorneys will gain an edge, armed with the information provided through this platform. I particularly love the notifications component UniCourt affords subscribers when tracking cases. How nice would it be to receive an alert when a case your tracking has had some movement. And then there’s the notification for marketing purposes. So smart.

I won’t divulge anymore, because then I’ll steal the good parts of the show. Under Josh’s leadership, UniCourt has expanded from California state courts to aggregate legal data from hundreds of federal and state courts, delivering UniCourt’s customers access to over 50 million court records. And, just in, the Member’s Benefits Committee of The Florida Bar just approved UniCourt being offered to all Florida attorneys, and if the next step is approved in March, UniCourt will be opened up to over 70,000 attorneys on a discounted basis. This is an informative and fun podcast, and we look forward to following UniCourt as they spread nationwide. We hope you enjoy this episode.”

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