Building a Brilliant Brief Library – Josh Blandi Writes in Lawyerist

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Building a Brilliant Brief Library – Josh Blandi Writes in Lawyerist

We’re excited to see Josh Blandi’s new article Building a Brilliant Brief Library: Your How-To Guide published in Lawyerist. Much like his article Making the Most of Attorney Advertising with Court Data that shares practical tips on how to leverage legal analytics to boost business development efforts, Josh provides readers with a how-to-guide for building a brief library incorporating filings from the most experienced lawyers and how to stay one step ahead of opposing counsel.

Here below is an excerpt from Josh’s latest article:

Whether you’re starting a new law firm or looking to enhance your litigation practice, taking the time and effort to create a repository of briefs, motions, and complaints you can use as templates on a moment’s notice will improve your profitability and save valuable time that you can invest in business development or providing actual legal advice.

In this article, we’ll cover the basics of building your own brief library, from tips on finding the best available documents to developing winning strategies to stay one step ahead of opposing counsel in litigation.

Building Your Brief Library

When building your brief library, it’s best to start with a defined scope. For example, it’s important to start by articulating what practice area(s) you fit into, what case type(s) you’re focusing on within your practice area(s), and whether there are other profitable areas ripe with litigation for your practice’s expansion. Once you know the practice areas and case types for which you want to build libraries, it’s time to start looking for leading litigators in that field.

Beyond searching for briefs from lawyers featured prominently on billboards around town or those appearing on Google’s first page of results, you can use legal analytics to decide which lawyers handle what volume of cases in your area. While not always an indicator of legal acumen, lawyers in your area with vast case volumes will likely have developed templated filings to handle their massive caseloads.