Product Release – UniCourt’s Legal Data APIs are Live!

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Product Release – UniCourt’s Legal Data APIs are Live!

We are proud to announce that our Legal Data APIs are live!

To make the most of our application, we are providing users with easy to integrate APIs and sets of detailed step-by-step instructions, along with code for constructing your queries and sample API responses.

Here are some of the important highlights from this new release:

  • Search from Millions of records
  • Obtain structured court data no matter which jurisdiction (check out our court coverage)
  • Update cases On-Demand
  • Track cases periodically
  • Order court documents

The best part of integrating with our Legal Data APIs is that you never have to continuously ping UniCourt to check the status of completion of a request made. Instead, you will get notified via a webhook when:

  • A case you requested to update has been fetched from the court and whether it has updates
  • Cases you are tracking have been fetched from the court and which exact cases have updates
  • Documents you ordered have been fetched from the court and when they are ready for downloaded from UniCourt

From our perspective, the key advantages of using webhooks are that they are reactive, rather than proactive, integration and greatly reduce the code needed to be written on the client side, directly translating into reduced costs for implementation.

Lastly, for the developers in the room, has also built a fantastic API document, which lets developers test API requests and responses from your UniCourt account without having to write a single line of code, directly from our documentation.

Whether you’re using UniCourt’s data for researching cases, tracking important litigation, obtaining business intelligence, or developing internal legal analytics, we hope our Legal Data APIs can help you obtain the structured court data you need.