Join UniCourt’s Conversation on Data Driven Business Development

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Join UniCourt’s Conversation on Data Driven Business Development

With the introduction of a New Year, comes new challenges and opportunities. After saying a long-awaited goodbye to 2020, we want to start off 2021 right by talking about the topic on many of our minds as we start the New Year – business development, and more specifically, data driven business development leveraging legal tech and legal data.

When it comes to effectively using legal data for data driven business development, UniCourt handles three critical functions through our Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) offerings that make running targeted campaigns and initiatives more successful for business development professionals with organized, structured, and normalized legal data.

Automating Data Aggregation

First, using our intelligent automation technologies we aggregate legal data from hundreds of state and federal (PACER) courts, from bar associations, Secretary of State databases, and other public datasets. Taking advantage of automated collection of data greatly reduces the ongoing burden business development teams face of needing to manually pull down new data on a recurring basis from a vast and disparate array of data sources.

Normalizing Aggregated Data

Second, we use artificial intelligence (AI) to normalize the data we collect through a process called entity normalization used to identify real-world entities connected to court records and public records, including attorneys, law firms, judges, and parties (corporations and businesses).

Without using AI to normalize legal data, it would be nearly impossible to clean up all of the thousands upon thousands of name variants, misspellings, and errors contained in court data and other public data even with dozens of analysts and paralegals working constantly. And, more importantly, without normalization to clean up legal data, business development professionals are likely to miss out on potential business opportunities and act on faulty data.

Making Data Accessible

Lastly, after collecting and cleaning up legal data, UniCourt makes it easily accessible through our app and our Legal Data APIs, so you can pull out as much or as little data as needed and create highly-tailored reporting streams that can be updated on demand for real-time reporting.

With our industry leading APIs, business development teams can directly feed the structured data they need into their internal applications and dashboards to streamline processes and eliminate the costly, and often error prone, manual entry of data. Further, they can easily track the litigation involving all of their clients and other businesses and individuals of interest at scale by combining our intelligent case tracking features with our APIs.

Join UniCourt’s Twitter Chat

To keep the conversation going in the New Year on how legal data can be used for business development and to share some of our insights and know how on leveraging legal tech for legal marketing, UniCourt will be hosting a Twitter Chat next week on Data Driven Business Development on January 15th from 12-1 pm EST

This Twitter Chat will be broadly applicable beyond business development professionals in the legal industry working at law firms, litigation support, and litigation funding, as data driven business development using legal data is happening across several industries, including finance, real estate, investigations, and much more. You can join us and engage in the conversation with the hashtag #UniCourtChats.

Here’s a preview of some of the questions and subjects we’ll touch on:

  • How can legal data be used for business development and legal marketing?
  • Why is it important that legal data go through a normalization process?
  • What are some of the pitfalls to be aware of when using legal data?
  • How are you and your firm conducting data driven business development?
  • How can you automate the generation of new leads and opportunities for your legal marketing campaigns?

We also want to hear from you! If you have any questions you’d like to see answered or topics you think we should address in our upcoming Twitter Chat, please send them to us through our Contact Us page or send a DM to @UniCourtInc.

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