CLOC Approves UniCourt as a Member Benefit for Legal Ops

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CLOC Approves UniCourt as a Member Benefit for Legal Ops

We are excited to announce that UniCourt is now an approved member benefit provider of the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium (CLOC)! Legal ops can now connect their applications with 100+ million federal and state court records to identify opportunities, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase productivity. Legal Ops can use UniCourt’s data to develop better RFPs and AFAs, and power other cost-saving initiatives.

UniCourt is a leader in making court records more accessible and useful. We help our clients tap into the mountain of court data generated everyday for legal analytics, business intelligence and development, process automation, background checks, case research, and many other innovative uses.

As a part of this member benefit, all CLOC members can now receive a 15% discount on any UniCourt subscription by logging into CLOC and signing up through the Discounts section.

If your legal ops team is interested in obtaining real-time access to data via our Legal Data APIs or creating custom legal analytics for vetting attorneys and firms or uncovering litigation trends, our data analytics team can help build the reports you need. UniCourt also offers engineering support to help connect internal databases and applications to real-time court data.

To learn more about how legal ops can better use legal data, here are a couple of helpful articles from UniCourt:

The legal operations field continues to evolve and mature along with the growth and guidance of CLOC. As highlighted throughout CLOC’s 2019 Las Vegas Institute, the future of legal operations is anchored in automating processes, introducing and planning for greater efficiencies, and leveraging legal data to partner with outside counsel and develop savings initiatives.

We are excited to help power the innovation legal ops can implement with bulk access to court data, and look forward to seeing members of CLOC continue the push for progress in the legal industry!

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