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Amanda Louise Shaffer
Kelly Rena Williams
Concepcion Orlas Wolfe
Nolan Dean Glasscock and Amanda Marie Glasscock
Eric John Villarreal and Shawn Leigh Villarreal
Guerin C. Weng
Raymond Joe Yarbrough and Melissa Yarbrough
Jessica Ann Liguez
Brian C Holland and Nicole M Holland
Guadalupe L. Fabela
Julisa Gary
Lisa Dawn Hamilton
Brendan McGeehan
Nancy Jean Robinette
Frank Jeffrey Brown
Maty N. Sanchez
Alvarez Concepcion
Colnith Anthony Brown, Jr.
Bryant P Terry
Sylvia Sutton
Julie Nelson Myers
David Lee Holifield
Brenda Kay Danford
Samuel Dennard Murry
Anna Marie Payne
Ronald Lee Hulme
Eugene H. Lutz and Frances J. Lutz
Rafael Javier Aviles-Diaz and Liliia Aviles-Diaz
Lori Ann Reidy
Joe N. Turner
Ashley J Garrett and Steven S Silvis
Anthony R Ham, Jr
Willie Earl Johnson, Jr
Kashandra Lanell George
Jerry Todd Dotson and Laurie Pauline Dotson
Jerry Dwain Elmore
James Asa Cloin
Prentiss Mitchell
Charles R. Leach
James Wagley and Charlyn Wagley
Marilyn Vargas
Kellie Dawn Spivey and Melissa Leeann Spivey
Gilbert Z. Ortega
Todd Darwin Young and Leslie Mardelle Young
Mark Christopher Nelson
Richard David Buchanan, II
Karlene Jene Sneed
Emanuel Montes
Beautech, Inc.

Texas Northern Bankruptcy

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Clerk's Office, Dallas Division - Earle Cabell Building, U.S. Courthouse, 1100 Commerce Street - Room 1254, Dallas, TX 75242, USA