UniCourt 2018 Year in Review

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UniCourt 2018 Year in Review

2018 has been a year of expansion and growth for UniCourt. From continuing to build out our client base, to gaining new followers and traction online, to bringing our APIs online to help our clients with process automation, 2018 has been marked with excitement and new opportunities.

To recap the year, we’ve put together some of our favorite highlights from 2018, along with watershed moments affecting the legal tech community and the public at large.

The Global Legal Hackathon – Los Angeles

the inaugural Global Legal Hackathon in Los Angeles with ONE400

This year UniCourt co-sponsored the inaugural Global Legal Hackathon in Los Angeles with ONE400, USC Gould School of Law, SupplyFrame, and 1Law. The Hackathon took place in 40 cities and 20 plus countries globally at the end of February, featuring a global competition to find the best solutions for progressing the business of law and developing good government, better legal systems, and improving access to justice. UniCourt was proud to co-sponsor the event, and we look forward to the 2019 Global Legal Hackathon!

UniCourt Selected as 2018 Future of Law Award Winners

This past March, Disruptor Daily announced Josh Blandi as one of the top three CEOs leading their companies into the future, alongside Haley Altman of Doxly and Nicholas d’Adhemar of Apperio. Being voted by the public as one of the top CEOs focused on the Future of Law is a great accomplishment, and we were also happy to do an interview with the Disruptor Daily in their Future of Law series focusing on the ongoing disruption in the legal industry.

Here are the top three technology trends Josh shared with the Disruptor Daily:

  • More prevalent use of legal analytics for business intelligence and development
  • Legal technology being leveraged for performance tracking and law firm selection
  • A transition from legal services being only provided by attorneys to a more open marketplace

CodeX FutureLaw Conference 2018

Prashanth Shenoy (CTO), Jud Hemming (GC), and Josh Blandi (CEO) all attended the CodeX FutureLaw Conference

In April, Prashanth Shenoy (CTO), Jud Hemming (GC), and Josh Blandi (CEO) all attended the CodeX FutureLaw Conference, gaining valuable insights and takeaways from others in the legal tech community. After the event, Prashanth shared some of the highlights from the speakers and presentations at the Conference on UniCourt’s blog. One of the more memorable quotes from the Conference came from Larry Bridgesmith: “The world is divided into two types of people from an attorney’s perspective – lawyers and non-lawyers. Have you ever heard about a non-plumber? . . . Diversity is the means by which innovation takes place.”

More recently, Josh and Yongxin Yan (VP of Analytics) also presented at the CodeX December Meeting on issues surrounding the importance of entity normalization for legal analytics and the use of Legal Data APIs for business intelligence and development, data entry and process automation, background checks, and more.

UniCourt’s Annual Management Meeting

UniCourt’s Team and Management

This May, UniCourt held its annual meet where employees and management from all around the world gathered in Mangalore for two weeks to plan out UniCourt’s continuing roadmap. One of the highlights of the annual meet centered around a presentation Josh Blandi gave to employees and management on UniCourt’s mission and vision for 2020 and beyond at the Goldfinch Hotel in Mangalore.

Throughout his presentation to management and UniCourt’s employees, Josh highlighted the three core components of UniCourt’s mission as organizing court records, ensuring they’re accessible, and making them useful, and he also noted that “In order to have a successful mission, we have to be creating value.”

presentation to management and UniCourt’s employees

During the trip, Josh, Yongxin, and Prashanth all spoke at Sahyadri College of Engineering & Management on UniCourt’s engineering initiatives and the use of AI & machine learning in legal data followed by Q&A with the students.

UniCourt’s Legal Data APIs Go Live

Thanks to the hard work of our engineering team, UniCourt released our Legal Data APIs in July based on growing client requests to connect their internal sales and research applications to UniCourt’s data for enhanced business development and intelligence. With this release our clients can now connect their applications with 100+ million federal (PACER) and state court records to identify new opportunities, reduce risk, cut costs, and increase productivity.

We believe that leveraging APIs for data entry and process automation is key for helping law firms, in-house legal teams, litigation support services, and others transform the legal industry and the way legal services are delivered. Here are a couple of our most commonly used APIs:

  • Case Search API – Search federal (PACER) and state court records with one global search
  • Case Tracking API – Track important cases and receive alerts when new updates are available
  • Document Download API – Download federal (PACER) and state court documents
  • Webhooks – Keep your systems and partner applications in sync with UniCourt
  • Bulk Downloads – Download bulk data sets directly to your applications

UniCourt and Justia Partner to Improve PACER Data Access

UniCourt and Justia Partner to Improve PACER Data Access

In October, Justia and UniCourt announced our partnership to improve access to federal court dockets and filing information through a cost sharing program designed to enhance both organizations’ efficiency and provide even greater data at lower costs. By reducing the cost of downloading PACER data, our partnership will enable both Justia and UniCourt to update case information more frequently yet with lower overheads, with the goal of providing users with only the most current information.

We were happy to see the warm reception to our partnership in the legal tech community and welcome other legal tech companies, law libraries, law firms, law schools, legal aid organizations, nonprofits, and others with an ongoing need for updated PACER data to contact us if they are interested in joining our partnership.

Carl Malamud Visits UniCourt in Mangalore

Carl Malamud Visits UniCourt in Mangalore

This past year, we were happy to have Carl Malamud visit our Mangalore offices during his ongoing satyagraha in the struggle to protect the public’s right to access the law. Carl is a leading figure in the push to safeguard public access to the law both in India and the US, and had important wins in the D.C. Circuit and the Eleventh Circuit throughout 2018.

We were also excited to have Carl join us for our Christmas party this year and look forward to Carl’s continuing accomplishments in the ongoing struggle over the question of Who Owns the Law?, as well as the new opportunities 2019 has in store for UniCourt.

Happy New Year from the UniCourt Team!