UniCourt Employee Spotlight with Sarah Park, Business Development Representative

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UniCourt Employee Spotlight with Sarah Park, Business Development Representative

UniCourt had an incredible growth phase in 2022 and more than doubled our US presence last year with amazing new hires across content, sales, product, marketing, and more.

To highlight the excellent members of Team UniCourt, we’re kicking off our new, monthly UniCourt Employee Spotlight series. 

In this series, we’ll share video and written interviews with employees across our different departments to give you an inside look at who we are and where UniCourt is headed. 

We’re thrilled to have UniCourt’s Business Development Representative, Sarah Park, as our first Employee Spotlight. Sarah has experience working in the legal industry for the law firms Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser, P.C. and Paradowski Law, and has also worked in legal tech at Casetext and Zola Suite before joining UniCourt. We hope you enjoy Sarah’s story and insights as much as we did!

UniCourt: Tell us your story. What is your background, and what led you to what you are doing now?

Sarah Park: I began my career as a paralegal and had plans to attend law school, but those plans changed in 2020. Because many law firms were forced to operate remotely due to Covid-19, it really opened my eyes to the world of legal technology. 

I saw first hand how many firms struggled to keep up with technological advances in the industry, and how it negatively impacted their business. This sparked my passion for educating and introducing attorneys to tools that can help make their life easier. 

After working as a paralegal for about 4 years, I became a business development representative for various legal SaaS companies. I love the legal industry, but I particularly love the sales side because it has given me the opportunity to learn so much about the industry from attorneys all over, and I am able to help their business and their clients along the way. 

UC: What’s an interesting fact about yourself?

SP: I am actually quite introverted, so deciding to switch to a sales role was a big risk for me. I knew that I wanted to work in legal tech, and I thought working in sales would be a way to get my foot in the door. I thought that I would start in sales, and then want to switch to a different type of role. To my surprise, I loved it, and now I can’t picture myself doing anything else. 

UC: You previously worked at the law firms Quilling, Selander, Lownds, Winslett & Moser, P.C. and Paradowski Law as a paralegal. From your experience working as a legal professional within law firms, how does UniCourt solve some of the pain points and challenges that firms are experiencing?

SP: UniCourt takes the guesswork out of creating a litigation strategy. As a paralegal, there were many decisions I had to help make daily that greatly affected cases, yet the decisions were made based on opinions. I would often have to send mass internal emails and collect anecdotes on judges in order to make strategic case recommendations. 

UniCourt’s Legal Data APIs can help law firms develop a litigation strategy based on legal data, rather than guesses. Using litigation intelligence, such as detailed information about the assigned judges, opposing party, and opposing counsel can save attorneys and staff considerable resources and time. 

UC: What do you like most about working at UniCourt?

SP: There is already so much I love about working at UniCourt, even though I have only been here about two months. The team is incredible, and everyone is passionate about what they do. It is inspiring to work with such hardworking and positive individuals, and it is great to work for a company with such a great product. Additionally, I love being able to introduce other professionals to UniCourt’s APIs and help transform their business processes for the better. 

UC: What do you see as the most fascinating use of UniCourt’s data?

SP: Although legal data is so important for legal departments, it is fascinating to see how much of a game changer it can be for other departments. The possibilities truly are endless, and it is so cool to see how business development and marketing departments have utilized UniCourt’s APIs.

UC: How do you see UniCourt’s APIs impacting law firms in the future?

SP: I believe that API integrations will continue to expand and access to legal data will become even more necessary. As this year unfolds, more and more law firms will start investing in Legal Data as a Service. 

UniCourt will reframe the architecture of the contemporary law firm by creating greater refinement in legal analytics techniques, expanding access to court records, and automating daily workflows. 

The proliferation of UniCourt’s API systems will realign the departments within a law firm, ensuring that every facet of the organization navigates through its uncertainties in tandem with the client and each other. 

The Impact of Legal Tech on the Future of Law

We loved learning more about Sarah Park’s background working within law firms and legal tech, and hearing her perspective on how Legal Data APIs are shaping the future of law and the legal profession — and we hope you did as well!

Stay tuned for the next UniCourt Employee Spotlight, where we talk with Simone Spencer, UniCourt’s VP of Marketing.

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