UniCourt Highlighted as a Legal Tech Company to Watch in 2022 by Law360 Pulse

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UniCourt Highlighted as a Legal Tech Company to Watch in 2022 by Law360 Pulse

Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) is changing how the legal industry looks at court data. What used to be something painfully manual, wholly inefficient, and prohibitively expensive, collecting court data across jurisdictions has now become streamlined in a way that legal professionals are looking to legal tech to solve their needs for process automation, legal analytics, case research, business development, competitive intelligence, and so much more. 

As the first legal technology company to provide bulk API access to court data in a streamlined fashion, UniCourt has set the standard for what it means to be an API-first Legal Data as a Service company, laser-focused on providing our clients with the best structured legal data possible. 

We’re very excited to share that UniCourt has been highlighted by Law360 Pulse as one of the seven legal tech companies to watch in 2022

How UniCourt was Shortlisted by Law360

In their article announcing the seven legal tech companies to watch, Senior Reporters for Law360, Sarah Martinson and Steven Lerner, shared how they whittled down a larger list of companies to seven standouts. 

To build their list, “Law360 Pulse reached out to 10 legal tech experts from law firms, law schools, analytics platforms and law societies in order to understand which companies in terms of innovation and product usage are leading the pack.” 

From their polling project, industry experts provided Law360 Pulse with over 30 companies, seven of which “received two or more votes and emerged from the list as leading contenders.”

What Industry Experts Have to Say about UniCourt

Without further ado, here’s what the legal tech reporters from Law360 Pulse and industry experts have to say about UniCourt:

“As one of two court-specific legal tech companies on this list, UniCourt Inc. plays a critical role in providing lawyers access to court records and legal data.

The California-based company classifies its business model as legal data as a service, or LDaaS, and provides professionals with real-time access to litigation data. Founded in 2014, UniCourt’s platform uses automated intelligence to aid in the search of data from state and federal courts.

UniCourt’s platform has an application programming interface, or API, which can connect to a user’s applications to speed up data entry for docket management and workflow processes. The platform can identify parties, attorneys, law firms, judges and associated cases. There is also a feature that alerts users of new docket updates.

Case research is another crucial component of the platform by giving users real-time access to state and federal court data.

April G. Dawson, associate dean of technology and innovation and professor of law at North Carolina Central University School of Law, told Law360 Pulse that court and case data has become incredibly valuable for lawyers.

‘However, the mass amount of unstructured data can make it challenging to collect and use,’ Dawson said. ‘UniCourt makes it easy to gather relevant data through its APIs, which allows lawyers to leverage the power of legal analytics.’”

We’re incredibly thankful for the shoutout from April G. Dawson, Associate Dean of Technology and Innovation at North Carolina Central University School of Law. 

April is a leading voice in the push for increasing access to justice through leveraging legal technology and data. Read our Influencer Q&A with April Dawson of NCCU Law to learn more about her career and how she’s bringing legal tech to the forefront of legal education. 

Legal Tech Companies to Watch in 2022

We were thrilled to learn that UniCourt was listed as one of the top seven legal technology companies to watch by Law360 Pulse, and even more so after seeing the list of other excellent legal tech companies to keep an eye on. 

The other legal tech companies include a practice management solution that has reached “centaur status,” the only publicly traded contract management company, a productivity and risk management solution that has acquired 14 other legal tech companies since 2019, as well as two leading B2C access to justice companies. 

Here are the other companies to watch in 2022:

  • Clio
  • Courtroom5
  • DocuSign
  • Hello Divorce
  • IronClad
  • Litera

We also want to give a special spotlight to Courtroom5, which recently won UniCourt’s Legal Innovation Contest. You can learn more about the great work Courtroom5 is doing to improve access to justice and who their amazing Co-Founder and CEO is from UniCourt’s Influencer Q&A with Sonja Ebron

Keep Watching UniCourt in 2022

We’re honored to be listed as one of the seven legal tech companies to watch in 2022, and we couldn’t agree more that you shouldn’t take your eye off UniCourt for the rest of the year.

Our impressive, diverse team of legal professionals, data scientists, physicists, and computer engineers, have all been working hard on the release of our new Apollo APIs to further unlock the potential of legal data. 

To make a little news here, we just released our Apollo APIs into Beta earlier this month, and we’ve been working with our closest partners across the legal industry, as well as finance, insurance, investigations, and news media to ensure our new APIs capture all of their top use cases and so much more. 

Stay tuned for the big announcement of our Apollo APIs going into GA later this year!

Want to learn more about Legal Data as a Service? Need to streamline everything connected to court data with Legal Data APIs? Contact Us and get started.