UniCourt Influencer Q&A with Mike Muse of LawChamps

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UniCourt Influencer Q&A with Mike Muse of LawChamps

Mike Muse is the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of LawChamps, a platform that connects legal consumers with the resources they need to solve their legal problems. He is also the founder of Vote Quadrant, an initiative created to effect change in the criminal justice system by providing voters with resources on strategic, informed voting. He is best known, however, for his award-winning Sirius XM radio show, where he shares insights on politics and pop culture.

We were excited to sit down with Mike to learn more about his background, his career goals, and his contributions to the access to justice movement.

UniCourt: Tell us your story. What is your background, and what led you to what you’re doing now?

Mike Muse: I’m a political and pop culture commentator who highlights important issues, explaining them to the masses while discussing the importance of creating concise action on them. I consider myself a true Change Agent, as I intersect politics and pop culture, leveraging my platform to create and encourage social change. Many know me for my SiriusXM award-winning show, “The Mike Muse Show,” for being a co-host on “Sway in the Morning,” for serving as an ABC News Live correspondent, and through my work with my 501(c)(3) initiative, Vote Quadrant

All in all, I have kept advocacy at the forefront of my work, making sure there is equity in the space of entrepreneurship, understanding of the importance of owning your intellectual property, access for communities to affordable legal representation to ultimately alter criminal justice outcomes, and the beginnings of a true foundation to end police brutality through accountability on all ends. 

UC: What is LawChamps? Why did you start it and what gap in the market does it fill? 

MM: With advocacy directing my endeavors, LawChamps is something I was always moving towards. Like myself, the platform believes equitable legal representation is a fundamental human right, where it not only matches clients with attorneys but also donates a portion of revenue to help fund organizations working on justice reform to prevent future injustice. For example, ninety percent of landlords go to eviction court with lawyers. Only one in ten tenants do. That one in ten wins ninety percent of the time, however, just because a lawyer helps them. 

UC: How can access to litigation data help legal consumers connect with the right lawyers to handle their cases? Why is this so important?

MM: Data is today’s gold. Through access to litigation data, we can identify opportunities to assist consumers in need of help from successful attorneys with proven track records. We can also leverage it to find and engage with leading attorneys. Our platform’s access to potential clients and provision of digital tools for reputation management and more will be of benefit.

UC: We hear a lot about access to justice in civil consumer practices, but let’s turn for a moment to criminal justice: How do you think we can holistically improve access to justice in the criminal defense space? 

MM: Data is a tool to fight inequities. A tool to empower our customers and the wider community. A tool to give our customers assurance that they don’t have to fight their circumstances alone. To further access to justice, lawyers can also restructure their fees by charging à la carte for their services.

UC: Can you explain how advocacy has played a role in your career, particularly in starting LawChamps? What do you think is the role of an advocate?

MM: It’s defined my career. It’s been the foundation to my intersection of politics and pop culture. LawChamps is the product to my intersection: that’s why I am so passionate about the work. To create change, no matter the scale, is the role of an advocate.

UC: What are some of your favorite sayings? What are some real-world examples of how you’ve seen those sayings come to life?

MM: Embrace your crazy. My career is proof positive of this saying.

UC: What are your goals for the coming year? What projects are you working on? Are there any important upcoming events in the legal tech or access to justice spaces we should be aware of?

MM: My goal is to make LawChamps the first place you consider when facing legal challenges. We recently partnered with Hate is a Virus and the Washington Bureau of the National Action Network to provide legal support for those fighting against AAPI hate crimes and advocates on the frontline for black lives. We are proud of that.

UC: Thanks for taking the time to talk with us! Where can we learn more about you and your work?

MM: You can learn more about my work at LawChamps.com and iammikemuse.com.

A Multi-pronged Push for Access to Justice

Mike’s career is proof that you do not have to do just one thing to push for change: through his radio show, LawChamps, and his work with Vote Quadrant, Mike has taken several different directions in his career, but all are focused on advancing access to justice.

We enjoyed speaking with Mike and we look forward to following his career in the coming years!