UniCourt at the Law 2.0 Conference in Dubai and Las Vegas

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UniCourt at the Law 2.0 Conference in Dubai and Las Vegas

The future of law is bright and will be defined by how legal professionals harness the diversity of the broader legal technology ecosystem to improve their law practices and bring forward innovation in the law.

We’re thrilled to share that UniCourt’s CTO and Co-Founder, Prashanth Shenoy, will be speaking at the Law 2.0 Conference held in Dubai at the InterContinental Dubai Festival City from December 16th to 18th, and that UniCourt’s CEO and Co-Founder, Josh Blandi, will be receiving recognition for his leadership in the legal industry at the Law 2.0 Conference held in Las Vegas at Hotel Mandalay Bay from December 19th to 21st. 

As the Law 2.0 Conference highlights, “Just like any other field, the fields of law and finance are also going through a massive transformation and becoming more of a client-driven industry,” and that “it is imperative that industry stakeholders and thought leaders from corporate law and finance come together and gear up for the competitive market.”

You can learn more about the upcoming Law 2.0 Conferences on the Dubai agenda page and the USA agenda page.

The Future of Law

On December 17th, the second day of the Law 2.0 Conference in Dubai, Prashanth will be speaking on the first panel of the morning, entitled “Future Of Lawyers — The Impact Of Legal Tech, Big Data, And Virtual Courts.”

This panel will focus on the transformational changes that have taken place over the last decade with the introduction of legal technology solutions into the everyday workflow processes of legal professionals. More specifically, this panel discussion will center on how legal tech in the litigation space has made lawyers more efficient at handling court cases, reduced costs involved in litigation, and enhanced the development of winning litigation strategies.

In addition to Prashanth speaking on a panel for the Law 2.0 Conference in Dubai, we are also thrilled that Josh will be recognized on December 19th at the Law 2.0 Conference in Las Vegas with an Outstanding Leadership Award. 

Under Josh’s strategic vision to provide Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS), he has assembled a diverse, global team behind UniCourt, based both in the U.S. and India, including computer engineers, data scientists, physicists, and legal professionals all working together to unlock the potential of legal data.

Through Josh’s leadership, UniCourt has developed a robust, growing ecosystem for accessing legal data via our APIs and online app that removes the barriers of data collection, costs, and normalization, so that innovators can build the next generation of legal services and products to move the legal profession forward. 

Speakers & Panel Sessions at the Law 2.0 Conference

For it’s first year of inaugural programming, the Law 2.0 Conference has assembled a diverse, and impressive group of legal professionals across the globe, including “lawyers, investors, senior partners, product managers, attorneys, mediators, and LegalTech and FinTech innovators.”

Here are some of the speakers we’re looking forward to hearing from:

  • David R. Cohen – Partner, Reed Smith LLP
  • Brittany Field – Director, TransPerfect Legal Solutions
  • Mishika Bajpai – Advocate, Supreme Court of India and High Court of Delhi
  • Mark Seah – Senior Partner, Dentons Rodyk
  • Paul Lanois – Director, Fieldfisher
  • Prachi Kohli – Legal Affairs Specialist, National Diversity Coalition
  • Virginie Tassin Campanella – Founder & Director, VTA Tassin
  • Douglas Lusk – CEO, National Society for Legal Technology

The Law 2.0 Conference team has also put together some excellent panel discussions. Here are some of the panels we’ll be attending:

Data Privacy & Compliance — Creation Of A Standardized Global Legislative Ecosystem

The privacy landscape is shifting dramatically as we enter an age of greater data collection and processing. To keep up with these changes, companies need to ensure that their privacy policies are compliant with the most recent legislation—or risk hefty fines and financial losses. Join us as we have a discussion about the need for legislative standardization and the way ahead.

The Future Of The Legal Profession: A Global Perspective

The legal profession is changing at a rapid rate, with technological advances and globalization having an impact on how lawyers work and interact with one another. In order to remain competitive in this ever-changing landscape, it’s important that we have an open discussion about where we see the profession going in the next decade or so.

Breaking The Silence — Why The Legal World Must Talk About Domestic Violence

Research suggests that proper domestic violence legislation has a massive impact on lowering instances of such cases. What else can the legal sector do to address the problem of domestic violence against women around the world? 

Climbing The Corporate Ladder: Women In Law & Finance

In today’s world, women are still facing many challenges when trying to break into the upper echelons of corporate law and finance. The panel will discuss some of the ways in which women have been able to succeed despite these obstacles, as well as what firms can do to make their workplaces more inclusive.

Inside Out Outside In — When Law Firms Provide Tech And Tech Firms Practice Law

Law firms providing tech and tech firms practicing law? Could it happen? What will be its impact on legal services and how we view tech innovations? How will it affect the bottom lines of these firms? 

The Chief Legal Counsel’s Perspective — R&D And Commercialization Of Disruptive Technologies

The legal department’s role is an important one, especially with regard to developing and commercializing disruptive technologies in the FinTech space. With so many tech developments taking place, understanding the legal ramifications is becoming even more crucial. 

Connect with Us at the Conference

Attending the Law 2.0 Conference in Dubai or Las Vegas and want to connect with us? 

You can reach out to Prashanth or Josh on LinkedIn or fill out our Contact Us form to set up a time to connect.