International Women’s Day: UniCourt Takes A Strong Stand For Women’s Equality In Legal Profession

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International Women’s Day: UniCourt Takes A Strong Stand For Women’s Equality In Legal Profession

UniCourt is committed to diversity and to the struggle for women’s equality. We take this stance not only because this struggle matches the values of the men and women who work for UniCourt, but because we know that equality and diversity are good for our business.

As we celebrate International Women’s Day at UniCourt, we find ourselves both impatient with the rate of women’s progress in the legal profession and cheering on what is sure to be a more equitable future. We bemoan the present because, while women have reached parity with men when it comes to enrollment in law schools, they are still struggling with a “boy’s club” atmosphere in the legal profession. There are fewer women working as lawyers than you might expect given the rate of enrollment in law schools, and those who do find careers in law have difficulty landing higher paying jobs and leadership positions.

The glass ceiling remains intact. The pay gap persists and women are still underrepresented as partners, judges, and deans.

You might ask at this point, given the state of the legal profession today, why is UniCourt so optimistic?

We’re optimistic because we know there are huge changes coming to the legal profession and, according to an article written last year in the Financial Times, most law firms know this too. They are bracing themselves for what they expect will be a technological revolution in the industry.

This is good news for women. Why? Because, it turns out that diversity and profitable innovation have been demonstrated to go hand in hand.

According to an article published by the Boston Consulting Group in April of last year, studies show that companies with higher gender diversity are 15% more likely to embrace innovation and produce a higher ROI or return on investment.

“Companies with higher levels of diversity get more revenue from new products and services.”

As women take to the streets to rally, prepare seminars and discussion groups, and fight for equality in boardrooms, UniCourt is glad to stand beside them as a company. We know that as more women break the glass ceiling they’ll bring a willingness to try new technologies. This will help accelerate the technological transformation that is taking place in the legal profession. UniCourt looks forward to working with women to innovate the legal profession.