UniCourt Announces the Launch of the UniCourt Enterprise API

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UniCourt Announces the Launch of the UniCourt Enterprise API

At a time when law firms are increasingly turning to legal data and analytics for competitive advantages in the legal marketplace, being able to access structured, normalized data in real-time from plug-and-play APIs is a game changer for law firm business development, litigation strategy, docket management, and much more. 

UniCourt is thrilled to announce the availability of the UniCourt Enterprise API, the next generation API for automating the discovery and delivery of legal data and analytics, enabling members of the legal ecosystem to access the universe of data they need to grow and run their businesses.

This new release of the UniCourt Enterprise API constitutes a significant advancement contrasted to the other Legal Data APIs currently available in the marketplace, and it also ushers in LegalTech’s only API-first platform providing comprehensive, real-time state and federal court data.

What Sets the UniCourt Enterprise API Apart

In the press release earlier today, UniCourt CEO and Co-Founder, Josh Blandi, shared that the UniCourt Enterprise API “is an instant gamechanger, but we are not done.” 

Thanks to Josh and our senior leadership’s long-term vision for providing Legal Data as a Service (LDaaS) via API, UniCourt has developed a unified API foundation that Josh says will make “future expansion to new datasets and sources seamless,” further positioning UniCourt to “react quickly to client requests for new functionality and additional data that will put them at an advantage when it comes to analyzing trends to drive business and enhance litigation strategy.”

LegalTech’s Only API-First Platform

Unlike other legacy-styled API products on the marketplace, which are app-first and more restricted to the functionality and data objects of an app-based product, UniCourt offers the only API-first legal data solution in the LegalTech space. 

As Josh noted in the press release, UniCourt’s “focus has always been on developing a highly customizable and flexible API structure. We are an API-first company. . . [meaning] that our platform was purpose-built from the ground up to be truly plug-and-play.” 

Along with the release of the UniCourt Enterprise API, clients also have access to sample code, a Python library, and proprietary tools designed to easily connect siloed data from multiple sources and dramatically accelerate API integrations.

Comprehensive State and Federal Coverage

The UniCourt Enterprise API provides a single source for court dockets from state and federal courts, delivering the most complete and accurate legal dataset available.

As part of this new release, UniCourt has introduced significant enhancements to our Court Data API, providing clients with upgraded, real-time access to the most frequently updated database of state and federal court records.

In addition to the enrichment of our Court Data API, UniCourt’s proprietary PACER API still remains the industry-leading, gold standard for accessing PACER court records across the United States.

Best-in-Class Entity Normalization

On the key differentiators for what sets the UniCourt Enterprise API apart from the competition, Rob Lynch, Head of Product at UniCourt, says that, “Our highly sophisticated data normalization provides our clients with a big advantage over first-generation API offerings from other providers.”

Rob goes on to share that UniCourt’s normalization of entities involved in litigation, including attorneys, law firms, parties, and judges, “gives our clients unmatched access to consistent, real-time court data, and unprecedented ability to generate actionable legal analytics.”

Leveraging normalized court data gives firms a distinct advantage when engaging new clients and proactively growing business with existing clients. The UniCourt Enterprise API also enables firms to frictionlessly combine litigation intelligence with internal knowledge to build comprehensive litigation strategies and achieve successful outcomes.

On top of UniCourt’s API-first approach, comprehensive coverage, and data normalization, “what also sets UniCourt ahead of legacy-styled API products is our UniCourt Data Model UI data visualization tool and our easy to use, amazing UniCourt Enterprise API Documentation,” says Prashanth Shenoy, UniCourt’s CTO and Co-Founder. 

“This wouldn’t have been possible,” says Prashanth, “without the dedicated efforts from each and every member in every single team working towards one common goal” of world-class Legal Data as a Service via API.

The Next Generation of API for Law Firms

Combining legal data you can trust with internal knowledge fuels superior business development, litigation strategy, and docket management. The UniCourt Enterprise API equips law firms to get up and running with integrations faster and without the added difficulties and development work required from legacy-styled APIs.

Firms can begin to better analyze case filing data to build litigation analytics by client, industry, matter type, geography, and more to uncover trends that can be used for reaching out to prospective clients or be instantly alerted when key clients are involved in new litigation.

The UniCourt Enterprise API delivers structured court data leveraging SALI standards so firms can automate docket management and case tracking by connecting knowledge management and matter management systems with billions of state and federal docket entries.

Learn More About the UniCourt Enterprise API

The UniCourt Enterprise API provides law firms with the most sophisticated API platform and comprehensive dataset available for growing and managing the practice and business of law.

Speak with one of our API experts to learn more about the UniCourt Enterprise API. 

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