Product Release – Case Sharing Feature in UniCourt’s App

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Product Release – Case Sharing Feature in UniCourt’s App

UniCourt is excited to announce a new release within our application that allows users to create public case pages to share with colleagues, friends, and others. We at UniCourt fully believe in the importance of making government records public records, and as a part of our mission to make court records more organized, accessible, and useful, we are giving our users the ability to share important cases outside of our app.

Here we’ll go through the simple steps for sharing a case and how you can also share the latest updates that happen within a case.

Sharing Cases In Seconds

Let’s say you’re someone who’s interested in insider trading cases who regularly reads up on new Securities and Exchange Commission actions, and you see that a new case has been filed by the SEC against an insider. Since this case is new, you really want to share what happened with your colleagues or make a post about it online.

With UniCourt’s case sharing feature, all you need to do is open the case inside UniCourt’s app, then click on the “Share This Case” button in the top right corner of the page. If you are viewing the case on a small browser window or on a smartphone, the button may appear with only the share icon. Once you click on the button, our app will automatically create a new unique web page for the particular case that you can share.


You can then either copy the link, share it via email, or for those who want to share on social media, we also provide shortcuts for Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. The link will also create a preview of the web page to make your post seem a little more official that just sharing a URL.


Also, for cases that you have already shared, but want to provide your colleagues and friends with the latest updates, we allow you to push real-time updates to the public case page.

All you have to do is open the case in UniCourt’s app, click the “Get Latest Case Updates” button in the top left corner, refresh your page once the updates are available in the app, and then click the “Share This Case” button again. We will then automatically push the latest updates to the unique case page, so you can share it with your colleagues and friends.


In the spirit of improving access to legal information and creating greater awareness of what is happening in the legal system, we are very excited to release this feature to our users and continue our mission of making government records public records.

Contact Us if you have any questions regarding this new feature, and follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn for the latest updates and new releases.