Arming Legal Ops with Actionable Intelligence – Jeff Cox Writes in ACC Docket

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Arming Legal Ops with Actionable Intelligence – Jeff Cox Writes in ACC Docket

We’re excited to share that UniCourt’s Jeff Cox recently had an article published in the ACC Docket, an online publication of the Association of Corporate Counsel. Jeff’s article, Arming Legal Ops with Actionable Intelligence, discusses the importance of leveraging Legal Data APIs for legal ops, detailing the benefits of having real-time, structured data and how APIs can be used to automate the matter opening process and budgeting for matters. The article also focuses on the central theme that beyond saving valuable time and resources dedicated to manual data entry, APIs also allow legal ops to come to conversations with in-house counsel as trusted advisors armed with reliable and actionable data.

Here below is an excerpt from the introduction of Jeff’s article:

Legal operations means many things to many companies, ranging from big picture responsibilities surrounding strategic planning and financial management to more practical, on the ground functions, such as records management and vendor relationships. Overall, legal ops is a multi-disciplinary function aiming to optimize the delivery of legal services to organizations and run legal departments smoothly.

Access to structured, real-time data is key to remaining relevant and influential for legal ops in an age of continued digital expansion, new legal tech applications, and legal analytics powered by Big Data and artificial intelligence. Legal data APIs (application programming interfaces) can arm forward-thinking legal ops teams with structured data that can be directly input into matter management and budgeting applications, saving considerable data entry hours and powering much sought after analytics.

If you search, “data is the fuel of the digital economy,” on the internet, countless results appear from reputable, high-profile companies, NGOs, and think tanks discussing how data is the electricity of the digital age. What is often left out the conversation is the importance of clean, trustworthy data that is tagged, bagged, and made readily available for reporting.

In the legal ops world, and especially in large corporations with Big Law-sized legal departments, there is nothing more frightening, and thus potentially damaging, to your team’s reputation than having bad data, and doubting whether your reports are accurate or reliable. Rather than investing significant time in developing normalization technology via machine learning to ensure the data you are using is accurate and reliable, legal ops teams can instead directly download and interact with outside data sources securely behind their firewalls, using legal data APIs.

You can also read the full article here on the ACC Docket.

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