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Many research tools provide access to PACER but not state courts. UniCourt’s platform not only provides access to federal cases found in PACER, but in many state courts as well. Additionally through our partnership with RECAP we are able to offer access to millions of dockets and documents reducing your PACER fees significantly. Our platform not only provides you with all of the information you need to prosecute your matters effectively, it will also save you money.


Streamline Docket tracking with automation with our Platform. Choose which dockets to track and set schedules for automated tracking and receive notifications. The tracking system also allows for setting keyword and phrase triggers to save time reading unnecessary notifications for unwanted docket entry notifications saving time and freeing up more time for billable hours.


UniCourt’s platform integrates sophisticated legal research with comprehensive case management tools that increase efficiency and speed. With UniCourt team members can collaborate and save time working on cases. Our cloud based platform also allows for storing and attachment of documents to cases and association to docket entries for ease of access. Browser based access provides access to your cases and documents from anywhere.

Uncover Sales Opportunities

Find New Clients

Identify cases involving companies, firms, attorneys, and parties to drive marketing opportunities.

Track Existing Clients

New litigation on tracked companies and firms can uncover new opportunites. Be first to reach out.

Drive Sales

Utilize the UniCourt PartyFinder service to deliver on marketing opportunities.

Who Is This For?

  • Bankruptcy Attorneys
  • e-Discovery vendors
  • Legal Process Outsource Firms
  • Court Reporters
  • Expert Witnesses
  • Forensic Accountants
  • Trial and Jury Consultants


Track and Receive Updates On Your Cases

Track all involved in litigation, parties, judges, attorneys, law firms, districts, NOS codes, and case types. Receive contact information for participants when available. Set your schedule to receive notifications on your tracked cases or clients.

Create Sales Campaigns

Use UniCourt’s comprehensive research tool to find large sets of prospects based on certain criteria, such as bankruptcy filings, class actions or attorneys within certain practice areas. Generate lists and locate with PartyFinder for your use case.
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Intelligent Automation

UniCourt’s search automation allows you to easily create sophisticated search parameters so that you are finding only the exact data you are looking for. If you perform such data mining searches on a regular basis, our automated search algorithms can run in the background on a regular schedule to eliminate this manual process. Receive notifications when cases with the info you are looking for is found.

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