Frequently Asked Questions

UniCourt only requires a web browser. No software or hardware requirements are needed to deploy UniCourt.
UniCourt can be accessed from any location by logging in through a web browser enabling one to stay connected to your cases from anywhere.
Actually, it is extremely easy to use our system. UniCourt simplifies case management by consolidating many work processes. One can use UniCourt to search for both Federal and state court cases. Once imported, these cases can be automatically updated, and documents from the cases can be downloaded. UniCourt further facilitates the process by allowing collaboration with internal team members. Work on the cases can be assigned to specific members, and the progress of this work be tracked and reviewed.
UniCourt incorporates several features that allow a Firm to customize our system to make it fit the needs of your firm. You can create custom fields to add key information or add date fields. There are features that also allow one to categorize cases by workflow, priority and practice area.
With UniCourt, it is possible to employ “triggers” so that only relevant changes to a docket or a specific update are received. Please reach out to learn more about “triggers”.
In a PACER related case, cases are updated almost immediately. In certain state cases, there can be a lag time of up to a few days from the time when the court makes the case update available online.
UniCourt summarizes changes to a docket in its own case history. Additionally, UniCourt tracks all changes to a case through an activity feed which tracks changes done to the case by individuals, automated updates, comments, and changes in assignments and more.
Yes, you can either use the “pay as you go plan”, or UniCourt can bill you with a Pro account for your PACER usage.
There are several ways to significantly save money on your PACER account by using UniCourt. First, you will automatically have access to free documents already saved on UniCourt and Recap. Further, UniCourt has an auto-save feature for all downloaded documents and dockets. This feature eliminates needless duplicate downloads. It has been found that these features can help save 40% or more on your current PACER bill.
Yes. You can enter your PACER account with UniCourt, and we will only pass along the same cost from PACER when charges are incurred. Your PACER account will always still work directly in PACER. However, it is expected that your use of PACER will be reduced significantly due to the remarkable savings realized from the use of UniCourt.
Yes, currently you can search dockets from courts in CA, AZ, FL,TX and NV. We will always be adding court coverage. You can keep an eye on available courts here: