Update Case Completion Webhook

Update Case Completion Webhook is intended to inform a Client's endpoint about the status of a case update requested via Update Case API.

Update Case API will immediately trigger an update in UniCourt to fetch the latest case information from the Court. UniCourt understands what has been updated in the Case, since it was last fetched from the Court. On successful completion of a case update from the Court, this webhook will notify the Client's endpoint whether the case has updates or not.

The advantage of using this webhook with Cases requested to Update is that a Client can avoid making multiple Case API calls to figure out if a case has updates or not, and rely on this webhook's information to only make Case API calls for cases that have updates.

This webhook needs to be enabled by logging into the account under More > Developer Integrations > Webhook

  • Below is the sample data, when case is moved.
   "updated_time":"2018-01-01 09:30:45"
  • Below is the sample data, when case is not moved.
   "updated_time":"2018-01-01 09:30:45"

Data associated with the Update Case Completion Webhook:

Property name Value Description
requested_case_id string The case which is requested for update
is_moved boolean Will be set to true, if the case is moved, false if not
case_id string The Case which is updated successfully in UniCourt
status string Describes the case update status, has_update or has_no_update
updated_time string Describes the date and time of the successful completion of the case update

Learn how to Update a case from the Court on-demand?

Read more about how to update a case from the Court immediately and learn about best practices of using this webhook to know if a case has updates or not.

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