Update Case API

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The Update Case API should be called for a case to fetch the latest information from the Court. UniCourt will call a Update Case Webhook on successful completion of case update from the Court




Method CURL Command
POST curl -X POST "https://api.unicourt.com/rest/v1/updateCase/GBFR6IZVIY3VAHAZIJNGVCTENBKRS0908/?token=a0f9770a842da247694673196ae2c9549f172526”

Request Query Parameters:

Parameter Parameter Type Required Description
token String Yes Token which is generated in UniCourt Account, for authorizing the request

Best practices on how to update a case from the Court immediately to get latest case information?

Step 1: Get the case ids from the Webhooks for Scheduled Search or Search API.
Step 2: Specify the case_id to update a case from the Court.
  • UniCourt will immediately trigger an update to fetch the latest case information from the Court and notify the Client's endpoint whether the case has updates or not.
Step 3: On receiving this webhook call, a Case API call will give you the complete and latest case information.
  • On following this practice a Client can avoid making use of multiple Case API calls to figure out if a case has updates or not, and only make Case API calls for cases that have updates as notified by Update Case Completion Webhook.

UML to update a case from the Court immediately and requesting latest Case information only if the case has updates.

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