Start Tracking Cases API

The Start Tracking Cases API should be called to add cases to a tracking schedule. Cases added to a tracking schedule will be automatically updated to fetch the latest information from the Court at 5.30 PM UTC time on the day specified in the schedule. All cases added to a tracking schedule are organized in folders. The default behaviour of cases tracked will be organized in "My Folder". Alternatively, a user created folder can be specified when adding cases to tracking. The API returns the cases successfully added to tracking schedule and the folder that they are organized in.

  • This API accepts case_ids (comma separated), folder_id and tracking_schedule_id within POST method.
  • UniCourt will call a Tracked Cases Completion Webhook once every day, for cases which are found to have updates from the Court.



Method CURL Command
POST curl -X POST "” -d 'case_ids=GBFR6IZVIY3VAHAZIJNGVCTENBKRS0908,HBJSOKZ5JY7VQJBBJJRHNCLWNJMRY0898&tracking_schedule_id=3&folder_id=3'

Request Query Parameters:

Parameter Parameter Type Required Description
token String Yes Token which is generated in UniCourt Account, for authorizing the request

Request Post Parameters:

Field Name Data Type Required Description
case_ids string Yes Specify case_ids (comma separated) which need to be added to a tracking schedule.
folder_id string No Specify the folder_id to organize cases in a user created folder, while adding the case to a tracking schedule. Default folder is My Folder. folder_id can be obtained as a response of Folder API
tracking_schedule_id string No Specify the tracking_schedule_id for the cases to be tracked. Default tracking schedule is Daily. This can be changed by logging into the account under More > Tracking Schedule. You can obtain the tracking_schedule_id as a response of Tracking Schedules API

Best practices on how to Track 1000's of cases to get latest case information?

Step 1: Get the case ids from the Webhooks for Scheduled Search or Search API.
Step 2 (Optional): Get the folder_id from Folder API and tracking_schedule_id Tracking Schedules API
Step 3: Specify the case_ids, folder_id and tracking_schedule_id to start tracking cases.
  • UniCourt will update cases in the tracking schedule at 5.30 PM UTC time on the scheduled day and notify the Client's webhook endpoint about only the cases that have updates.
Step 4: On receiving this webhook call, a Case API call will give you the complete and latest case information.
  • On following this practice a Client can avoid making use of multiple Case API calls to figure out if a case has update or not, and only make Case API calls for cases that have updates as notified by Tracked Cases Completion Webhook.

UML for adding cases to a Tracking Schedule and requesting latest Case information for the cases which have updates from the Court.

Get Case Update


1) Add cases to the default tracking schedule


2) Add cases to "Weekly" tracking schedule (tracking_schedule_id=2)

curl -X POST "” -d 'case_ids=GBFR6IZVIY3VAHAZIJNGVCTENBKRS0908,HBJSOKZ5JY7VQJBBJJRHNCLWNJMRY0898&tracking_schedule_id=2'

3) Add cases to the default tracking schedule and organize these cases in folder "Certify Class Action Cases" (folder_id=5).


4) Add cases to "Weekly" (tracking_schedule_id=2) tracking schedule and organize these cases in folder "Certify Class Action Cases" (folder_id=5)

curl -X POST "” -d 'case_ids=GBFR6IZVIY3VAHAZIJNGVCTENBKRS0908,HBJSOKZ5JY7VQJBBJJRHNCLWNJMRY0898&folder_id=5&tracking_schedule_id=2'

Sample Response

         "tracking_name":"Every Day",
               "folder_name":"Certify Class Action Cases",
         "message":"Please configure the PACER credentials in your account"


Property name Value Description
error boolean -
message string Describes the response
data nested object Contains tracked case information
tracked array Contains the tracking schedule information
folder array Folder information where the cases being tracked are organized
case_ids list Cases which are successfully added to the specified tracking schedule
failed_to_track array Cases which were not added to the specified tracking schedule. This can happen usually when you exceed the limit of the number of cases that can be tracked as per the plan.

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