Order Document Preview API

The Order Document Preview API is required to be called before confirming an Order. This API is meant to return a unique order id for documents selected in the preview. Order Preview accepts documents of a single case. If you want to preview documents from different cases, then you need to make one request per case.

  • Note: A single Order Preview is limited to 20 documents per API call. This API accepts document_ids (comma separated) and case_id within POST method.




Method CURL Command
POST curl -i -k -X POST https://api.unicourt.com/rest/v1/orderDocuments/preview?token=a0f9770a842da247694673196ae2c9549f172526 --data "case_id=EE6BAFA3EY6C4ED5MEUV24S2LFBAM1001&document_ids=PACER_TEST_A_1731488191"

Request Query Parameters:

Parameter Parameter Type Required Description
token String Yes Token which is generated in UniCourt Account, for authorizing the request

Request Post Parameters:

Field Name Data Type Required Description
case_id string Yes Specify case_id.
document_ids string Yes Comma separated document ids

Sample Response

               "name":"COMPLAINT-PERS. INJURY, PROP DAMAGE",
               "description":"12\/31\/2015: COMPLAINT-PERS. INJURY",


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