Order Document Details API

The Document Order Details API returns the details for an Order. Order id is returned as a response of Order Document Preview API.




Method CURL Command
GET curl -i -k -X GET https://api.unicourt.com/rest/v1/orderDocuments/details/351e4e6bd01529738270-327?token=a0f9770a842da247694673196ae2c9549f172526"

Request Query Parameters:

Parameter Parameter Type Required Description
token String Yes Token which is generated in UniCourt Account, for authorizing the request

Sample Response

    "order_id": "9af58cdf321529737588-409",
    "invoice_number": "4530",
    "invoice_amount": "20.00",
    "order_status": "Invoice Posted",
    "order_status_type": "Processing",
    "order_date": "2018-06-23 07:06:28",
    "ordered_document_status": {
      "CA_LA_1638602390": {
        "status": "Download In Progress",
        "message": ""

List of Order Status:

  • Property name order_status
Status Name Description
Awaiting Order Order is yet to be confirmed.
Invoice Pending Order is confirmed by the user and invoice is not yet generated.
Invoice Posted Invoice is generated and not yet collected.
Paid Invoice is paid.
Past Due Invoice payment failed and is in past due.
Cancelled Order is cancelled.

List of Order Status Types:

  • Property name order_status_type
Status Name Description
Preview Order status type will be in Preview untill the invoice is generated.
Processing Order status type will be in Processing when the invoice is generated.
Complete Order status type will be in Complete when the invoice amount is collected.

List of Document Status:

  • Property name status
Status Name Description
Download Not Started Document download from the Court in not yet started. Unless the Order status type is Complete a document will always be in this status.
Download In Progress Document is being downloaded from the Court.
Download Completed Document is successfully downloaded from the Court.
Download Failed Document download from the court is failed.

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