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The RESTful Case API, returns a Case Object in JSON format for a specific Case ID. You can get a Case ID as a response of Webhooks for Scheduled Search and Search API

This API returns upto 10 Parties and 10 Attorneys for a Case. If there are more, then the field more_parties and/or more_attorneys will be set to true appropriately. The case API response has tokens for parties, attorneys, docket entries and documents which can be called using:

API URL:{case_id}/?token=YOUR-API-TOKEN


Method CURL Command
GET curl -X GET ""

Request Query Parameters:

Parameter Parameter Type Required Description
token String Yes Token which is generated in UniCourt Account, for authorizing the request

Scenarios on Moved Case:

1: What are Moved Cases?
  • Sometimes a Court can move a case from one courthouse to another, change the case number, close a case and open a new one for various reasons. UniCourt tries to identify most of the scenarios that can happen and accomodates for it as part of the same case. However, sometimes UniCourt detects two different cases to be the same one and marks the older duplicate one to be moved.
2: How can you detect Moved Cases?
  • This can be identified by 'is_moved':true, and the 'requested_case_id' field will be different from the 'case_id' field.
3: How should you handle Moved Cases?
  • For moved cases we recommend you to update the case ID if you are referencing it anywhere as this is a permanent change.

Data associated with the Case API Response:

Property name Value Description
error boolean -
message string Describes the response
data nested object Contains case response
requested_case_id string Requested case id to get case information
is_moved boolean Will be set to true, if the case is moved, false if not
case object Contains case information
parties_token string Access token for the Parties API
attorneys_token string Access token for the Attorneys API
docket_entries_token string Access token for the Docket Entries API
documents_token string Access token for the Documents API

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