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About the Ventura County Superior Court

The Ventura County Superior Court, or alternatively the Superior Court of California, County of Ventura, has jurisdiction over Ventura County. The Court serves 823,000 people living and working in the county’s 1,845 square miles.

In its mission statement, the Court states: “Our Court is Here for the People we Serve.”

To serve its population efficiently, the Ventura County Superior Court has 33 judicial officers, including 29 judges and four commissioners, as well as 404 judicial assistants and secretaries.  The Court is divided into the following fifteen divisions: Adoption, Appeal, Civil, Collections, Conservatorship, Criminal, Traffic, Family, Guardianship, Information Technology, Jury Services, Juvenile, Probate, Records, and Small Claims.

The Superior Court of Ventura County operates from three locations. The main courthouse is the Hall of Justice, located at 800 South Victoria Avenue Ventura, CA 93009. The Hall of Justice accommodates the majority of the divisions of the court. The Records Department located in the Hall of Justice, maintains civil, family law (divorce, legal separation, and child custody matters), small claims, criminal (felony and misdemeanor), and traffic case records. You can reach the Hall of Justice by mail at P.O. Box 6489 Ventura, CA 93006, or by calling (805) 289-8900.

The Juvenile Justice Center is located at 4353 E. Vineyard Avenue Oxnard, CA 93036. This courthouse is home to both the Juvenile and Probate divisions of the Superior Court. The Records Department in the Juvenile Courthouse maintains juvenile (delinquency and dependency), probate, guardianship, and adoption case records. You can reach the Juvenile Justice Center by calling (805) 289-8820.

The East County Courthouse is located at 3855-F Alamo Street Simi Valley, CA 93063. This courthouse handles the Collections, Traffic, and Small Claims Divisions. You can reach the East County Courthouse by calling (805) 639-5010.

For issues dealing with marriage and business licenses, birth and death certificates, and mechanics liens, you can contact the Ventura County Clerk and Recorder’s Office by calling (805) 654-3788.

The Court Executive Officer of the Ventura County Superior Court is Brenda L. McCormick. The Office of the Court Executive Officer is in Room No. 206 of the Hall of Justice.

The Presiding Judge is the Hon. Kevin G. DeNoce. The Office of the Presiding Judge is located in  Court  No. 22 of the Hall of Justice. You can reach the Presiding Judge’s office by calling (805) 289-8900.

The Assistant Presiding Judge is the Hon. Matthew P. Guasco. The Office of Assistant Presiding Judge is located in Court No. 20 at the Hall of Justice, and can be reached by calling (805) 289-8705 or emailing

The Supervising Criminal Judge is the Hon. Ryan J. Wright. The Office of the Supervising Criminal Judge is located in Court No. 14 at the Hall of Justice, and can be reached by calling (805) 289-8545.

The Supervising Family Law Judge is the Hon. JoAnn Johnson. The Office of the Supervising Family Law Judge is located in Court No. 36 at the Hall of Justice and can be reached by calling (805) 289-8610.

The Supervising Civil Judge is the Hon. Benjamin F. Coats. The Office of the Supervising Civil Judge is located in Court No. 43 at the Hall of Justice, and can be reached by calling (805) 289-8525 or emailing

The Presiding Appellate Judge is the Hon. Benjamin F. Coats. You can reach the Office of the Presiding Appellate Judge by calling (805) 289-8527.

The Supervising Juvenile Judge is the Hon. Tari L. Cody. The Office of the Supervising Juvenile Judge is located in Court No. J1 at the Juvenile Courthouse, and can be reached by calling (805) 289-8820.

Courthouses in Ventura County Superior Court

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800 South Victoria Avenue, VENTURA, CA 93009, USA

Facts and Statistic

  1. Ventura County is located on California's Pacific coast, about 65 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles.
  2. The Ventura County Superior Court has formed a joint Judicial Mentor Program with the San Luis Obispo County and Santa Barbara County Superior Courts, in collaboration with the Office of Governor Gavin Newsom. The purpose of this program is to assist in the recruitment and development of a qualified, inclusive, and diverse judicial applicant pool.
  3. The Ventura County Superior Court was first established in 1873, and its original courthouse cost only $10,000 to construct.
  4. The Ventura County Superior Court operates some specialized courts in collaboration with agencies and community-based partners of Ventura County, including Elder Law Court, Homeless Court, Mental Health Court, Stand Down Court, and Veterans Court.

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