Lawsuits filed on 10/21/2021 in Tarrant County Courts

Showing 1 - 40 court cases filed in Tarrant County Courts on 10/21/2021

In the Estate of Charles William Kemp
In the Estate of Louise Livingstone, Deceased
In the Estate of Michael Troy Maddux, Deceased
In the Estate of Orina Christine Nichols, Deceased
In the Estate of Rose E. Reaves, Deceased
Safekeeping of Will Christie Ann Smith Clark
In the Matter of the Guardianship of Ester Longonia, An Incapacitated Person
In the Estate of Larry Francis, Deceased
Axiom Financial Services, LLC vs Marcus Cooper
In the Estate of Berton Tompkins, Deceased
In the Estate of Bob Carroll Thompson, Deceased
In the Estate of BILL JACK CASTER, Deceased
Jamond Mason vs Abbas A Alabidi, NY Seven Auto Inc.
In the Estate of Frank A. Reaves, Deceased
In the Estate of Jack Dudly Tyler, JR , Deceased
In the Estate of Jack D. Tyler, Deceased
Gwendolyn Ramirez vs Irving Holdings, Inc. and Gloria D. Harris
In the Estate of Jack Randall Price, Deceased
Rashin Eskandari, Bizhan Honarvar vs Richard Allen
Motor State Distributing Inc. vs Residential Roofing Services LLC
In the Estate of Joan Hudson Mooney, Deceased
Michael Cutaia, Renee Cutaia vs Perry Marcell, Jesse Ray
Blackrock Pumps, LLC vs Reliable One Resources, Inc.
Adrianna G. Enriquez vs Amira Elhamad
Maria Ayala vs Scott Alan Huter, Ashley Lauren Moore, and Michael Moore
In the Matter of Guardianship of Mark Anthony Perez, an Incapacitated Person
In the Estate of Chester Ray Gustafson, Deceased
In the Estate of Charlotte Sue Brown, Deceased
Tyler Granger vs Marissa Benson
Discover Bank vs Kevin Bell
In the Estate of Ricky A. Texada, Deceased
Christopher Cartwright vs State Farm Mutual Automobile Insurance Company
NextGear Capital, Inc. vs Carolina Mendoza
Midland Credit Management Inc. vs Angel Miller
Juana Campos, Aracely Banda vs Alexis Ihilani Johnston
American Tire Distributors Inc. vs Twenty8Life, LLC, David Carrillo
Discover Bank vs Sean A Raven
NextGear Capital, Inc. vs Henry Lewis Reece, JR, DeShaundra Danielle Branch
In the Estate of Derald Dean Freeman, Deceased
Estate of Lee Ann Huckaby, Deceased, In Re: Carol Huckaby Daley Childrens Trust