Lawsuits filed on 03/26/2021 in Tarrant County Courts

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In the Estate of Richard F. Morgan, Deceased
The Dylan Apartments vs Deshanna Dukes And All Other Occupants
In the Estate of Eva Lee Stout, Deceased
In the Estate of Anne Graves Lanford, Deceased
In the Estate of Kenneth Weldon Koenig, Deceased
In the Estate of Dale Wayne Tolar, Deceased
In the Estate of Ray Vaughan Stinson
In the Estate of Jay Dee Henry, Deceased
In the Estate of Mark Steven Adams, Deceased
In the Estate of Charles Glenn Bingham, Deceased
In the Estate of R.V. Minor
In the Estate of Zhila Shahmohammadi, Deceased
In the Estate of Dorothy Ruth Albright, Deceased
Safekeeping of Will Clifford Krueger
In the Estate of Bobbie Dee Golden
In the Estate of Michael L. Nerren, Deceased
In the Estate of Alice Evelyn Riley, Deceased
In the Estate of Miguel Angel Maqueda Perez, Deceased
In the Estate of Tracy LeNeil Kobs, Deceased
In the Estate of Edna Ruth Sparks, Deceased
In the Matter of Guardianship of Amanda J. Kawasmi, an Incapacitated Person
Discover Bank vs Linda Wilson
Stephen Lastornio vs Stephon Works
Discover Bank vs Harold W Rowe
Discover Bank vs Alisa M O'Neal
Discover Bank vs Leaveil A Skinner
SM Financial Services Corporation vs GECU
Marla Rodriguez vs Krislyn Lenai McElreath and Flexi Compras Autos, L.L.C.
Dennis Monroe vs Allstate Fire and Casualty Insurance Company
Javier Oliver Gonzalez vs Jose Estrada
Carmen Burnett and Corey Yarbrough vs Maria Lopez
Discover Bank vs Luis C Quintero
Midland Credit Management Inc. vs Vickie Wallace
Discover Bank vs Juan Moran
Discover Bank vs Daniel O Cortez
Michelle Krause vs April Diana McElhannon
Discover Bank vs Sharan Sherpunja
Deborah Kay Valdiviez vs Ex Parte
Discover Bank vs Olawale B Ogun
Discover Bank vs Janie E Valadez
Discover Bank vs Stephen L Owens
Discover Bank vs Michael E Hall, Sr.
Tracey Tuel vs Ex Parte
Discover Bank vs Jose R Trejos, SR
Midland Credit Management Inc. vs Federico Gomez
Discover Bank vs Michael Gonzales, Jr.
Discover Bank vs Suraj KC
Santander Consumer USA, Inc. vs Tony L. Dozier
Discover Bank vs Jason M Kirby
Discover Bank vs Surya Vamsee Kodimala
Kendrick Green vs Avery London McCord
Discover Bank vs Virginia Henry
Discover Bank vs Teresa A Dunn
IPFS Corporation vs Crush It Sports, LLC
Discover Bank vs Peggy E Taylor
Gabrielle Cook and Jabarri Robinson, Sr. Individually and as Next Friends of J.R., a Minor vs Arnold Anchondo, Jr., Andrew Velazquez Torres, and Mary Anchondo
Discover Bank vs Joxsel I Rodriguez
Kenneth Vowell vs Ex Parte
Discover Bank vs Nick L Forrester
Discover Bank vs Neysa D Richards
Discover Bank vs Doyce Kirkland
Griselda Beltran vs Nhat-Anh Dac Ho
BG Personnel, L.P. vs The Toronto-Dominion Bank
U.S. Bank National Association vs Eleazar Ortega
Discover Bank vs Sourab R Bista
Discover Bank vs Terry Todd
Discover Bank vs Donald G Korioth
Discover Bank vs Jeffrey Kidd
Midland Credit Management, Inc. vs Mary Markwell
Discover Bank vs Kenneth D Daniels, SR
Discover Bank vs Michelle N Horn