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About the Tarrant County Court

Tarrant County, with a population of approximately 2.1 million residents in 902 square miles, is the third most populous county in the state of Texas. The Texas legislature, to manage its large population and greater administrative needs, created statutory County Courts that have original and appellate jurisdiction over civil and criminal cases prescribed by law for county courts.

Tarrant County has a County Courts at Law Division for civil matters, and a County Criminal Courts Division for criminal matters. Additionally, the Tarrant County Court system has Probate Courts, a Passports Division, Real Estate Records, and Vital Records.

The Tarrant County Court system states, “Our mission is to work collaboratively with our external and internal stakeholders to improve the satisfaction of the residents and businesses of Tarrant County through the effective and efficient provision of services.”

The Administrative Building for the Tarrant County Courts is located at 100 E Weatherford St., Fort Worth, TX 76196, and can be reached by calling (817) 884-1111.

The County Clerk is the Hon. Mary Louise Nicholson, who has a main office at the Administrative Building. You can reach the County Clerk by calling (817) 884-1195 or emailing wm-countyclerk@tarrantcounty.com.

The County Judge for Tarrant County is the Hon. Tim O’Hare, located at the Administrative Building in Suite 501. The County Judge is elected to a four-year term as the Chief Political Executive of the county. The County Judge presides over the county’s policy-making body, the Commissioners Court. You can contact the County Judge by calling (817) 884-1441.

The Tarrant County Courts at Law

The Tarrant County Courts at Law handles civil matters, like lawsuits involving a party suing another to recover money, real property or personal property, contracts or an obligations, damages for injury, or the protection of a civil right.

The Courts at Law operates out of three rooms in the Tarrant County Old Courthouse at 100 West Weatherford Street, Fort Worth, TX 76196, and can be reached by calling (817) 884-1101. County Court at Law No. 1, where the Hon. Don Pierson presides, can be found in Room 490 and reached by calling (817) 884-1457. County Court at Law No. 2, where the Hon. Jennifer Rymell presides, can be found in Room 240A and reached by calling (817) 884-1813. County Court at Law No. 3, where the Hon. Mike Hrabal presides, can be found in Room 290A and reached by calling (817) 884-1095.

The Tarrant County Criminal Courts

The Tarrant County Criminal Courts have jurisdiction over misdemeanor and felony criminal charges.

The County Criminal Courts operate out of the Tim Curry Criminal Justice Center at 401 West Belknap Street, Fort Worth, TX 76196. You can reach the County Criminal Courts by calling (817) 884-2848.

Courthouses in Tarrant County Court

Location Image
100 West Weatherford, Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240, USA
Location Image
100 West Weatherford, Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240, USA
Location Image
101 West Weatherford, Fort Worth, TX 76196-0240, USA
Location Image
Courthouse 100 Weatherford, Fort Worth, TX 76196-0242, USA
Location Image
Courthouse 100 Weatherford, Fort Worth, TX 76196-0242, USA

Facts and Statistics

  1. In 2022, over 20,000 cases were filed in the Tarrant County Criminal Courts.
  2. The county seat is Fort Worth, which is home to over 935,000 people.
  3. Tarrant County is one of 254 counties in Texas which were originally set up by Texas to serve as decentralized administrative divisions providing state services and collecting state taxes.
  4. The Tarrant County Courthouse, completed in 1895, was built with pink granite from central Texas and took over two years to build.

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