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Search for court records online in Kings County, New York to get information on litigation across the Kings County Court system. Find the court case information you need in New York City’s Brooklyn Borough, including court dockets, court documents, transcripts, and legal data on the parties, attorneys, law firms, and judges involved in Kings County Court cases. There are several New York state courts located within Kings County that you can search court records from, including the Supreme Court Civil Term and Supreme Court Criminal Term.

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About Kings County Courts

Kings County has a sizeable land area of 180 square kilometers and a population of around 2.8 million residents, making it the most populous county in the State of New York, and the second-most densely populated county in the United States. It is synonymous with Brooklyn, one of the five boroughs that comprise New York City.

The 2nd Judicial District of the New York Supreme Court, or the Kings County Supreme Court, is one of the thirteen judicial districts in the state of New York.

As a county-level court located within one of the five boroughs of New York City, the Kings County Supreme Court has a Civil Term and Criminal Term, both of which are trial courts with expansive unlimited original jurisdiction.

Eric Gonzalez is the current Kings County District Attorney, also known as the Brooklyn District Attorney. The office of the Brooklyn District Attorney is located at 350 Jay St, Brooklyn, NY 11201. You can reach the Brooklyn District Attorney’s Office by calling 718-250-2001.

Kings County Supreme Court

Unlike the name suggests, the Supreme Court located in Kings County is not the highest court in all of New York. It is one of the state’s trial courts, on the same level as the Family Court and the Surrogate’s Court.

The Supreme Court is a trial court with the broadest jurisdiction, including unlimited original jurisdiction, both in criminal and civil matters. It can hear any case that does not fit into the particular jurisdiction of a different trial court, with the exception of claims brought against the state, which must be heard by the New York State Court of Claims.

In New York City, the Supreme Court exercises civil jurisdiction over lawsuits with a monetary value exceeding $25,000, and the criminal division prosecutes felony cases with possible jail sentences of over one year. The cases of lower monetary values are handled by city civil courts and misdemeanor charges and other, smaller violations are prosecuted by city criminal courts. The Supreme Court is typically required to be involved in proceedings to end a marriage, as it is the only court that can grant divorces, annulments, and separations. The Family Court has jurisdiction over issues like child support and custody, but it doesn’t have authority over divorces and separations.

Kings County Supreme Court justices are elected by the public to serve 14-year terms, though they must be nominated by their county political party to appear on the ballot. If there is a sudden vacancy in the court, a replacement is appointed by the governor.

The Hon. Nancy T. Sunshine is the Kings County Clerk, Clerk of Supreme Court and Commissioner of Jurors, located at 360 Adams Street, Room 189, Brooklyn, NY 11201. You can reach the County Clerk’s office by calling 347-404-9772 or emailing them at KCCOInfo@nycourts.

Supreme Court Civil Term

The Kings County Supreme Civil Term is equipped to handle all non-criminal matters, including name changes, matrimonial matters, foreclosures, mental hygiene applications, elder law cases, and all other civil litigation.

Kings County has the busiest Civil Term Supreme Court in New York State and is committed to making it the most user-friendly. Their goal is to provide quality service to all litigants, whether or not they are represented by an attorney.

If you are not represented by an attorney and need assistance, you may visit Kings Supreme Court Help Center at 360 Adams Street, Room 122C Brooklyn, NY 11201 for sample court forms and information on court procedures and service requirements associated with your court case.

The Kings County Supreme Court Civil Term, as well as the County Clerk's Office and Surrogate's Court are also located at 360 Adams Street Brooklyn, NY 11201.

The Hon. Lawrence Knipel is the Administrative Judge for Civil Matters in the 2nd Judicial District, and you can reach the office of the Administrative Judge for Civil Matters by calling 347-296-1200.

Charles A. Small, Esq. is the Chief Clerk of the Kings County Supreme Court Civil Term. You can reach his office by calling 347-296-1800.

Supreme Court Criminal Term

Along with its jurisdiction to prosecute felony cases, the Kings County Supreme Court Criminal Term is also committed to the administration of justice as a problem-solving court.

The Brooklyn Mental Health Court addresses both the treatment needs of defendants with mental illness and the public safety concerns of the community. The Brooklyn Treatment Court (BTC) offers substance abuse treatment as an alternative to incarceration for nonviolent felony and misdemeanor drug offenses in Brooklyn, NY.

The Kings County Supreme Court is also home to a first-of-its-kind Integrated Domestic Violence (IDV) court, dedicated to the idea of “one family-one judge,” where one judge will oversee the entirety of a family domestic violence case, which might include criminal proceedings, a divorce or annulment, and custody agreements.

The courthouse of the Kings County Supreme Criminal Term is one of the newest and most technologically advanced sites in the New York State court system. The courthouse is home to more than 30 judges and 500 court employees.

Kings County Supreme Criminal Term’s goal is to ensure that all court users experience the best the courthouse has to offer, from the competency and professionalism of the employees to the scenic views of New York City, and the public wireless internet available in Central Jury.

The Kings County Supreme Court Criminal Term is located at The Kings Supreme & Family Court Building on 320 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201.

The Hon. Matthew J. D'Emic is the Administrative Judge for criminal matters. Daniel M. Alessandrino is the Chief Clerk for criminal matters and Brian M. McAllister is the First Deputy Chief Clerk for criminal matters.

Courthouses in Kings County Court

Location Image
360 Adams St., Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Location Image
141 Livingston St., Brooklyn, NY 11201, USA
Location Image
88 Visitation Pl., Brooklyn, NY 11231, USA

Kings County Supreme Court Judges Directory

Gina Abadi
Municipal City Parts 7 and 22, Civil Part 18
Principal Law Clerk: Christine G. Ortiz, Esq
Tel: 347-401-9477
Tel: 347-401-9285
Theresa Ciccotto
Matrimonial Term Part 5J
Court Attorney: Elaine Schack-Rodriguez
Part Clerk: Albert Perrone
Tel: 347-296-1632
Jeffrey S. Sunshine
Matrimonial Term Part 5G
Court Attorney: Abigail Mattaro
Tel: 347-296-1654
Tel: 347-296-1527
Reginald A. Boddie
IAS Part 95 and Commercial Part 12 Rules - 2JD Supreme Civil
Principal Law Clerk: Hajin Suh, Esq.
Tel: (347) 401- 9127
Tel: (347) 296 -1458
Rachel A. Adams
Matrimonial Term Part 5F
Principal Law Clerk: Cara B. Ruda, Esq
Tel: (347) 296-1636
Tel: (347) 401-9260
Joanne D. Quinones
Matrimonial Term Part 5Q
Court Attorney: Ronald Cosme, Jr., Esq.
320 Jay Street, Room 19.36, 19th Floor
Tel: (347) 296-1353
Delores J. Thomas
Matrimonial Term Part 5, IAS Part 11
Principal Law Clerk: Ahmed Toure
Tel: 347-401-9211
Tel: 347-296-1539
Genine Edwards
Part 80 & ADR-MM
Principal Law Clerk: Renee Williams, Esq. email:
Tel: (347) 401-9799
Tel: (347) 296-1643

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