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Search for public property court records online in the Harris County Justice Courts of Texas (Harris County JP Courts). Lookup the case information you need and search by case number, case name, party, attorney, judge, docket entry, filing date, courthouse, case type, party type, party representation, and more. Get access to the court dockets, and legal data on the parties, attorneys, law firms, and judges involved in court cases in Harris County. 

UniCourt’s case search gives you real-time access to a range of case types in Texas trial courts, including not only Property, but also Civil Rights, Criminal, Family, Forfeiture, Labor, Probate, Contract, Personal Injury, and Small Claims. Along with streamlined access to court data, you can also get the latest court docket information, obtain case summaries, check case statuses, view tentative rulings, and track lawsuits to get real-time alerts on new case updates.

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About Property Cases in the Harris County Justice Courts

Property includes tangible or intangible items owned by a person or an entity. A property lawsuit typically focuses on resolving property disputes between two or more parties, regarding real or personal property. There are many types of property cases, including eviction, foreclosure, real property fraud, personal property fraud, construction defect, repossession, eminent domain, product liability, and land cases.

In 2021, the Harris County Justice Courts saw 30,884 property cases filed. In 2022, the number of property cases increased to 69,202. During these years, residential and wrongful eviction cases were the most filed cases in the Harris County Justice Courts.

In 2022, the top five Plaintiff’s Attorneys for property cases in the Harris County Justice Courts were Anna C. Sewart of Barry & Sewart, PLLC; Kevin H. Fulton, Jr., of Fulton Strahan Law Group, PLLC; Christopher S. Ferguson of Jack O' Boyle & Associates, PLLC; John V. Burger of Burger Law; and Jack J. Garland, Jr., of Garland Law.

In 2022, the top five Defense Attorneys for property cases were Elliott Tucker; Denise Hooten of Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston; Leticia Leal of University of Houston Law Center; Stormy Clark of the Fourteenth Court of Appeals of the State of Texas; and Jasmine Simmons of JP Court, Precinct 2.

Why use UniCourt to search for Property Cases in the Harris County Justice Courts?

UniCourt is your single source for state and federal property court records, offering comprehensive court coverage and the most complete and accurate dataset available.

Each day, UniCourt collects all of the newly filed property cases in the Harris County Justice Courts and lets you search through those new case filings in our CrowdSourced Library™. Further, UniCourt allows you to track state court property litigation and have real-time case alerts sent directly to your inbox. UniCourt also gives you the power to download property court documents on-demand without ever having to login to a government court database, and gives you unlimited access to download millions of free state and federal court documents in our CrowdSourced Library™.

In addition to the Harris County Justice Courts, UniCourt provides you with access to property cases from other state courts across Texas, including many of the largest counties across the state, such as the Bexar County District Court, the Travis County Court, the Tarrant County Court, the Collin County Court, and the Denton County Court.

UniCourt also gives you access to property court records for all of the federal courts across the state of Texas, including the federal courts with jurisdiction over Harris County: the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Texas, the U.S.Bankruptcy Court for the Southern District of Texas, and the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit.

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