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About Harris County Courts

Harris County, with a population of around 4.9 million residents, is the most populous county in Texas and the third most populous county in the United States. To manage its large population and greater administrative needs, the legislature has created statutory county courts at law, that include both civil and criminal courts, and probate courts, to handle certain types of civil and criminal cases, within constitutional county court jurisdiction.

The County Judge, Lina Hidalgo, is the presiding officer on the Commissioners Court. The Commissioners Court plays part administrative, part legislative, and part judicial role. Its many responsibilities include overseeing county courthouses.

The County Clerk’s Office records and maintains the records of the Commissioners Court, the Probate Courts, and the County Civil Courts at Law. It also records vital documents such as property records, marriage licenses, assumed name certificates, birth and death certificates, miscellaneous personal records, DD-214 military discharge records, Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission applications and more.

The County Clerk’s office offers many services online, however, some services may only be obtained in person at their downtown office at 201 Caroline St., 3rd Floor, Houston, TX 77002, by calling (713) 274-8600, or at one of the 10 County Clerk annexes. To obtain County Civil Court at Law records for Harris County, you can fill out an order and payment form and return it by fax at (713) 755-4710, email it to ccoCivilFM@cco.hctx.net, or mail it to Teneshia Hudspeth, Harris County Clerk, Attn: Civil Court at Law Department, P.O. Box 1525, Houston, TX. 77251. For any other questions, you can call (713) 274-1330 for assistance.

Harris County Criminal Courts at Law

There are sixteen Harris County Criminal Courts at Law. Each judge is elected to a four-year term. A Presiding Judge is elected every six months to chair administrative meetings. A Co-Presiding Judge is also elected to perform these duties when the Presiding Judge is unavailable.

The Harris County Criminal Courts at Law have exclusive original jurisdiction of misdemeanors where the fine imposed exceeds $500 or confinement in the county jail does not exceed one year, except for when exclusive original jurisdiction is not given to the Justice Courts.

Decisions from the municipal and Justice of the Peace Courts may be appealed to County Criminal Courts at Law. The appeal takes the form of a completely new trial, a trial de novo. Appeals from municipal courts of record are an exception, where the County Court reviews only the written record from the trial. Original and appellate judgments of the County Court may be appealed to the Court of Appeals, with certain limitations.

You can reach the Harris County Criminal Court at Law at the Harris County Family Law Center, 1115 Congress Ave, 2nd Floor, Houston, TX 77002, or via mail at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center, 1201 Franklin St, 7th Floor, Houston, TX 77002.

Harris County Civil Courts at Law

There are four Harris County Civil Courts at Law. The County Civil Courts Department serves as the clerk for the four statutory County Civil Courts at Law in Harris County.

A county civil court at law in Harris County has jurisdiction over all civil matters and causes, original and appellate, prescribed by law for county courts, but does not have jurisdiction over probate matters. Some of the case types heard in County Civil Courts include malpractice cases, breach of contract, personal injury, and multidistrict litigation.

A County Civil Court at Law may hear civil matters with an amount in controversy of up to $250,000 and has jurisdiction in appeals of civil cases from Justice Courts in Harris County. A County Civil Court at Law also, regardless of the amount in controversy, has jurisdiction in statutory eminent domain proceedings and exclusive jurisdiction over inverse condemnation suits.

You can reach the Harris County Civil Court at Law at Harris County Civil Courthouse, 201 Caroline, 5th Floor, Houston TX 77002-1900.

Courthouses in Harris County Court

Location Image
201 Caroline, 201 Caroline, TX 77002, USA

Interesting Facts

  1. County Judge, Lina Hidalgo, is the first woman to be elected County Judge and only the second to be elected to the Commissioners Court.
  2. Teneshia Hudspeth, the County Clerk of Harris county, is the first African-American woman to serve in this role.
  3. The 1910 Harris County Courthouse, is the fifth courthouse to stand in Courthouse Square on a site set aside for that purpose by the Allen brothers, the founders of Houston. The site and the building have figured prominently in the history of Houston and Harris County.
  4. The monumental case, Texaco, Inc. v. Pennzoil, Co. was held in the Harris County Courthouse and had one the largest civil awards in history with a $10.35 billion judgment against Texaco.

Harris County Civil Courts at Law Directory

Audrie Lawton-Evans
Information about the filing of documents, entry of orders, request for hearing and case status:
Kayla Meyers:(713) 274-1345
Donna Hernandez: (713) 274-1345
Judge LaShawn A. Williams
Clerks (Information about the filing of documents, entry of orders, request for hearing and case status)
Kimberly Rojas: (713) 274-1353
Elizabeth Lopez: (713) 274-1353
Judge Jim F. Kovach
Clerks (Information about the filing of documents, entry of orders, request for hearing and case status)
Janice Gonzales: (713) 274-1349
Maria De La Rosa: (713) 274-1349
Judge Manpreet Monica Singh
Clerks (Information about the filing of documents, entry of orders, request for hearing and case status)
Tonya Garza: (713) 274-1358
Ashley Shapiro (713) 274-1358

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