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About the Miami-Dade Court System

Similar to other counties in the state of Florida, the Miami-Dade Court System is a two-tier trial court system that consists of the Miami Dade County Court and the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court.

The Miami-Dade County Court is one of 67 county courts established in each county of Florida. It is generally referred to as “the people’s court” and is a court of limited jurisdiction, as defined in the Constitution of the State of Florida.

The Miami-Dade Circuit Court, or alternatively the Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court, is a court of general jurisdiction that hears and decides matters not assigned by statute to the county courts. There are 20 judicial circuits in Florida, each with jurisdiction over one or more counties, which also serve as intermediate appellate courts for Florida’s county courts.

The Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court

The Eleventh Judicial Circuit Court of Florida, serving Miami-Dade County, is the largest judicial circuit in the state and the fourth largest trial court in the nation. With eighty judges presiding in six Divisions of the Circuit Court, it supports a population of over two million people who live and work in the county’s 2,000 square miles.

The mission of the 11th Judicial Circuit Court is “to protect rights and liberties, uphold and interpret the law, and provide for the peaceful resolution of disputes.”

The Chief Judge is the Hon. Nushin G. Sayfie, located at Room 3045 of the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse. You can reach her office by calling (305) 349-5720. The Chief Judge’s Judicial Assistant is Ara Johnson and her Bailiff is Larry Chester.

The Miami-Dade County Clerk of the Courts, who has jurisdiction over the Eleventh Judicial Circuit and Miami-Dade County Courts, is the Hon. Juan Fernandez-Barquin. The Clerk’s office is located at 73 W. Flagler Street, Miami, Florida 33130 and can be reached by calling (305) 275-1155.

The Eleventh Judicial Circuit Courthouse Locations

In order to fulfill its mission and to serve its population, the 11th Judicial Circuit Court operates from the following 11 different locations: the Coral Gables Branch Courthouse, 3100 Ponce de Leon, Coral Gables, FL 33134; the Dade County Courthouse, 73 West Flagler St., Miami, FL 33130; the Hialeah Branch Courthouse, 11 East 6th St., Hialeah, FL 33010; the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse Center, 175 N.W. 1st Ave., Miami, FL 33128; the Miami Beach Branch Courthouse, 1130 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL 33139; the Miami-Dade County Children’s Courthouse, 155 NW 3rd St., Miami, FL 33128; the North Dade Justice Center, 15555 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL 33160; the Overtown Transit Village South, 601 NW 1 CT, 2nd Floor, Miami, FL 33136; the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building, 1351 N.W. 12th St., Miami, FL 33125; the South Dade Justice Center, 10710 S.W. 211 St., Miami, FL 33189; and the Joseph Caleb Center, 5400 NW 22nd Ave., Miami, FL 33142.

The Miami-Dade County Court

The Miami Dade County Court is organized into 3 divisions: civil, criminal, and domestic violence. Each division is headed by an administrative judge. There are 43 county court judges in Miami-Dade, who are elected for six-year terms and may run for re-election to serve additional terms.

County Civil Division

The County Civil Division is comprised of 22 judges and has jurisdiction over civil cases up to $50,000 and Small Claims cases involving amounts up to $8,000. It can hear matters relating to contract and indebtedness, landlord-tenant and eviction, small claims and debt collection, auto negligence, condominium, and personal injury protection.

The County Judges assigned to this division preside over civil matters at seven different court locations in Miami Dade County, including the Dade County Courthouse, the Coral Gables Courthouse, the North Dade Justice Center, the South Dade Justice Center, the Hialeah Branch Courthouse, the Joseph Caleb Center, and the Miami Beach Branch Courts.

The Administrative Judge of the Civil Division is the Hon. Gordon Murray, located in Room 260 of the Joseph Caleb Center Court. You can reach the Administrative Judge’s office by calling (305) 636-2260. The Judicial Assistant is Rhiannon Chavez.

The Associate Administrative Judge of the Civil Division is the Hon. Milena Abreu, whose office is located in Room 229 of the Hialeah Courthouse. You can reach the Associate Administrative Judge’s office by calling (305) 520-4045. The Judicial Assistant to the Associate Administrative Judge is Herlinda Viera-Sanchez.

County Criminal Division

The County Criminal Division has jurisdiction over minor criminal misdemeanor cases, criminal traffic matters, municipal and county ordinance violations, and civil traffic infractions.

The County Court criminal judiciary and their staff are located at the main courthouse location, the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building, as well as at the other five branch locations: the North Dade Justice Center, the South Dade Justice Center, the Miami Beach District Courthouse, the Hialeah District Courthouse, and the Coral Gables District Courthouse.

The Administrative Judge of the Criminal Division is the Hon. Robin Faber, located in Room 513 of the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building. You can reach the Administrative Judge’s office by calling (305) 548-5187. The Judicial Assistant is Jacqueline Duarte.

The Associate Administrative Judges of the Criminal Division are the Hon. Betty Capote and the Hon. Steve Leifman. The Hon. Betty Capote’s office can be found in Room 507 of the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building and reached by calling (305) 548-5120. The Hon. Steve Leifman’s office can be found in Room 617 of the Richard E. Gerstein Justice Building and reached by calling (305) 548-5394.

Domestic Violence Division

The Domestic Violence Division has seven judges and deals exclusively with family violence issues. The Domestic Violence Division hears protection (restraining) order cases, violation of injunction cases, criminal misdemeanor cases involving family violence, and risk protection order cases.

The Administrative Judge of the Domestic Violence Division is the Hon. Carroll J. Kelly, located in Room 1650 of the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse. You can reach the Administrative Judge’s office by calling (305) 349-5703. The Judicial Assistant is Emily Rosenstein.

The Associate Administrative Judge is the Hon. Donald "DJ" Cannava, located in Room 2019 of the Lawson E. Thomas Courthouse.

Courthouses in Miami Dade County Court

Location Image
3100 Ponce de Leon Boulevard, Coral Gables, FL 33134, USA
Location Image
11 E 6th Street, Hialeah, FL 33010, USA
Location Image
5400 NW 22nd Ave, Miami, FL 33142, USA
Location Image
1130 Washington Ave, Suite 200, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA
Location Image
73 W Flagler Street, Miami, FL 33130, USA
Location Image
15555 Biscayne Boulevard, Suite 100, Miami Beach , FL 33160, USA
Location Image
10710 SW 211th St, Suite 1200, Miami, FL 33189, USA

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