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About Contract Cases in the Broward County Circuit Court

A contract is a legally binding agreement between two or more mutually agreeing parties. Contracts arise from offer, acceptance, and consideration. A contract lawsuit can result from a breach of the contract terms. Parties may also file a declaratory action when they anticipate a breach of contract and want the court to define their rights and obligations in advance of an issue arising. There are many types of contract cases, including franchise, debt collection, Miller Act, professional negligence, student loan collection, business governance, security, and insurance cases.

In 2021, the Broward County Circuit Court saw 15,281 contract cases filed, but that number decreased to 8,634 in 2022. Most contract cases filed in the Broward County Circuit Court during these years were cases of professional negligence, debt collection, business, and insurance.

In 2022, the top five Plaintiff’s Attorneys for contract cases in the Broward County Circuit Court were Kevin J. Spinozza of Pollack & Rosen, Inc.; Jamie Alvarez of Shield Law Group of Florida LLC; Juan G. Andreu of Andreu, Palma, Lavin & Solis PLLC; Richard T. Petitt of Petitt Worrell Rocha Sheppard, PLLC; and Kevin J. Weisser of Weisser, Elazar & Kantor, PLLC.

The top five Defense Attorneys in 2022 for contract cases were Daniel J. Poterek, Nakia C. Ruffin, and Ariel Hassine of Universal Property & Casualty, Insurance Company; Sara Levy of Shutts & Bowen, LLP; and Reeba H. Belle of Hamilton Miller & Birthisel, LLP.

The top Judges for contract cases in the Broward County Circuit Court in 2022 were the Hon. Martin J. Bidwill, the Hon. Micheal A. Robinson, the Hon. Carol L. Phillips, the Hon. Fabienne E. Fahnestock, and the Hon. Carlos A. Rodriguez.

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