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This Week's Featured Lawsuits in Bankruptcy Case Type - U.S. District Courts

In Re. Newell et al
Thymes v. Trustee
Etcher Farms, Inc. et al v. Compeer Financial, PCA et al
Ditech Financial LLC v. Debeauville et al
In Re: Long Dei Liu
Lawler v. Lawler et al
In Re: Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities LLC
Thomas v. Thomas et al
Balke et al v. Carmichael et al
Reish et al v. Mukai
In re Markus Anthony Boyd
Myers v. Mcnamee, Hosea, Jernigan, Kim, Greenan and Lynch, P.A. et al
In Re: Collins
Shek v. Burchard
Tull Hill Farms, Inc. v. CFG Financial Services, LLC et al
Field v. PNC Bank, N.A. et al
PG&E Corporation et al v. Federal Energy Regulatory Commission
In Re: Collins

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DeSimone v. Menotte
DeSimone v. Menotte
In Re: Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc.
Engelberg v. Perr et al
Novak v. Parts Authority, LLC