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This Week's Featured Lawsuits in Sunnyvale Courthouse - Santa Clara County Superior Courts

Susan D. Martin and Dana L. Bainbridge
Colleen Burt and Eric Burt
Elizabeth R. Geer and Christopher B. Geer
Cecile Lal and Ritesh Lal
Sonia P. Arreola and Abraham G. Hernandez
Juan M. Moreno and Maria A. Alamo
Maclaren M. Richardson and Jodi D. Richardson
Evangeline R. Barrazona and Gerardo T. Barrazona
Carol Singer and Harold Milstein
Gaja Vaidyanatha and Sabaq Haq
Claudia I. Espinoza and Salvador Espinoza
Atana S. Benton and Garry C. Benton
Hauslley N. Da Silva and Randi L. Silva
Keena M. Delane and Nizam T. Delane
Amanda Perrier and Thomas Perrier
Peter D. D'epiro and Shari L. D'epiro
Lois Fariello vs Frank Fariello
Pacita E. Donan and Alexander B. Donana
Mohamed A. Hassan and Afreh I. Marreh

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Bienvenido Castillo Vs Deborah Bonnit

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