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Court Records in Sacramento County Superior Courts - Gordon D Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse

Petition of Thang Viet Nguyen

Midland Funding LLC vs. Sarah Petlowany

Unifund CCR LLC vs. Franke Warouw

Unifund CCR, LLC vs. James R Clary

IN RE: Ryan Honcock

Discover Bank vs. Joseph H Rivera

TD Bank USA NA vs. Janice M Fox

Unifund CCR, LLC vs. Jessica M Bennett

Arcadia Partner LLC vs. William Mohring

Charles A Therrien vs. California Public Employees Retirement System, an agency

Arcadia Partner, LLC vs. Denise Austin

TD Bank USA NA vs. Ariel A Gilmore

The People of the Estate of California Ex Rel vs. Stockton Unified School District

Midland Funding LLC vs. Eddie Stofer

In Re Corbin Jacob Miron

Midland Funding LLC vs. James Pearson

Credit Corp Solutions Inc as assignee vs. Liliana Montiel

Bank of America, N.A. vs. Majid Ganji

John Anthony Christie vs. Brian Joseph Fasano

Arcadia Partner LLC vs. Natasha Riggins

Deborah Slupianek vs. Gwen Vonseeger

Citibank NA vs. Kelly Routsong

Unifund CCR LLC vs. Timofey Nikolayev

Petition of Nhi Yen Tieu

Arcadia Partner LLC vs. Ytarch Hayes

Midland Funding LLC vs. Nou Xiong

County of Sacramento vs. Chris Gianulias

Arcadia Partner, LLC vs. Danielle Arcaro

Probilt Construction vs. Christina Lee

Andrea Alley vs. State of California Department of Health and Human Services

Petition of Minh Trinh

Arcadia Partner LLC vs. Jared Elmendorf

Unifund CCR, LLC vs. Chanteau M Wilson

Petition of Horatiu Fineas Cota

Midland Funding LLC vs. Teri Alvarez

In Re: E. Torres

Kathy Carranco vs. Daniel Cribb

Unifund CCR LLC as assignee vs. Nazario Guzman

Midland Funding LLC vs. Tracey Antinori

Arcadia Partner, LLC vs. Francisco J Camacho

Arcadia Partner LLC vs. Lizette M Sweezer

TD Bank USA NA vs. Joseph P Banuelos

Gordon D Schaber Sacramento County Courthouse

(Sacramento County Superior Courts, California)


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