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Court Records in Los Angeles County Superior Courts - Chatsworth Courthouse

Contreras, Aida Vs Alba, Leonel

Morales, Maria Silvia Vs Morales, Preston Rene

Midland Funding Llc Vs Claudia Cornejo

Midland Funding Llc Vs Heather Mcdonald

Vitale, Renato Eugenio Vs Vitale, Reyna Ysabel

Urzua, Mayra Vs Mejia, Eric

Ghorbanian, Maryam Vs Ghorbanian, Majeed

Capital One Bank (usa), N.A. Vs Angel Herrera

Td Bank Usa, N.A., As Successor In Interest To Target National Bank Vs Serge Boyadjian

Semia Mount Llc Vs All State Association

Td Bank Usa, N.A. Vs Rosie Castaneda

De Los Angeles Martinez, Maria Vs Martinez, Abel F

Midland Funding Llc Vs Aydee Quintana

Midland Funding Llc Vs David Wright

Steenhagen, Gerrit Vs Docks, Janene

Unger, Edward Vs Divis, Samantha L.

Leon, Verenice Vs Goche, Moises

Midland Funding Llc Vs Laure Meyer

Eubert Edgar Vs John Sandberg

Marshal Oliver, Et Al. Vs Glenoaks Apartments

Midland Funding Llc Vs Ana Villalta

Templo Cristobal, Maria Jeaneth Vs Cristobal, Ruel Caliwag

Midland Funding Llc Vs Andrew Lee

Acedo, Alfredo Vs Acedo, Juana

Ben Hur Moving & Storage Inc. Vs Mary Pirozzi Hitt

Hany Isaac Vs Ashley Schoettlin

Mary Williams Vs L Z B Retail Inc.

Joann Atkins Vs Deels Properties Mv Llc

Julia Blythe Sternberg Vs Gary Slemaker

Chatsworth Courthouse

(Los Angeles County Superior Courts, California)


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